About Dog Food Heaven

Dog food heaven was created by dog lovers who were frustrated about the low quality self serving dog nutrition information found online.

Gael & Cookie

Welcome! My name is Gael Breton and I’m one of those millennials that don’t have kids yet but probably give more care to his dog than many people do to their children.

And when my dog Cookie started having multiple food allergies, I decided to dive deep into his nutrition to understand how I could help my best friend.

That’s when I realised the wide range of food quality on the market.

From excellent “human grade” food to things you wouldn’t wish to the dog of your worst enemy.

After testing dozens of dog food brands and with the help of vets, we finally managed to solve most of Cookie’s allergy issues and as you can see on the photo, he is now healthy and happy with his diet.

But during our journey, while taking part in many online discussions, we realised thousands of dog owners are facing all sorts of issues with their dogs nutrition and most of the information you can find on the internet is not exactly science approved and that was an issue for me.

I don’t qualify myself as a vet that can give you factual information on dog diets BUT I am a seasoned publisher that is experienced in building editorial teams that are legally qualified to give nutrition advice for your dog and that’s what I did with Dog Food Heaven.

ALL the content we will publish on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified vet or vet tech.

For this project, I wanted to try and put together the content I could never find online when I was attempting to help my dog’s issues.

I hope to succeed in this mission. I will give it my best shot because I know your dog is as important to you as Cookie is to me.

Gael Breton
Founder of Dog Food Heaven

Our Team

Corey Farrugia

corey vet
Corey & Fern

Corey grew up with animals since he was tiny.

The second he realized that Veterinary Medicine is an actual profession, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up!

He first completed a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology, which was where he first got some experience in animal nutrition. 

He then joined the Veterinary Medicine course at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, Hungary.

As a student, he started fostering and rehabilitating dogs from a Hungarian dog shelter.

He ended up adopting Roxy the little terrier, as well as pitbull mix Lippu, who came to him skin-and-bones and is now a happy, healthy, muscular boy. 

They joined his German pointers Roy and Toya, and Fern, also a rescue.

After struggling with weight issues for most of his adult life, Corey turned to his knowledge in Animal Nutrition to get a grip on his weight. 

This approach helped him lose the weight he needed and improved his relationship with food.

It also served as firsthand evidence of how proper nutrition could help his future animal patients.

 He enjoyed nutrition so much that he decided to do his final year dissertation on the subject.

Corey with Roxy, Lippu & Fern

After graduating, Corey started working with a Pet and Veterinary supplies company in Malta as a Veterinary Consultant. 

His role included educating the public about proper pet nutrition and informing the veterinary community about the latest developments in veterinary prescription diets. 

At the same time, he also practiced as a small animal veterinarian where he found his knowledge in nutrition to be very helpful in his day to day management of diseases such as diabetes, Cushing’s, pancreatitis, and osteoarthritis.

He is now living in the UK to further his career in small animal medicine and is excited to continue being an ambassador for proper pet nutrition.

Caroline Cochran

Caroline is a passionate pet lover who grew up in a household full of large fluffy dogs.

caroline cochran
Caroline with Maxl and Syrah

Her love for dogs eventually encouraged her to pursue an education and career in veterinary medicine.

She attended Colorado State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology.

During her time at University, she worked in several animal hospitals as a veterinary technician.

She also gained unique experience working in her school’s renowned veterinary diagnostic laboratories and research centers.

After graduating from University with Honors, Caroline began sharing her knowledge as a freelance writer specializing in pets.

Gentle giant dog breeds have always had a special place in Caroline’s heart. Her family owned several large Great Pyrenees who served as loyal guardians and tolerant playmates when she was a child.

The lasted addition to her family is a senior female Great Pyrenees named Syrah. Caroline adopted Syrah after a previous life as a breeding dog.

But, Caroline quickly realized that Syrah was a special dog with special needs. After struggling with epileptic seizures, Syrah was diagnosed with diabetes by her veterinarian.

Managing a diabetic dog meant that Caroline needed to learn as much as she could about canine nutrition. Syrah had unique dietary needs, and it was challenging to find the best dog food for a large, senior dog with diabetes.

Caroline soon discovered a new passion for canine nutrition and a desire to help pet owners like her find the best dog food for their furry best friends. She is excited about continuing to help pups all over the world live their best doggy life.

Kristin Hitchcock

Kristin Hitchcock
Kristin & Atlas

Kristin has been a dog freelance writer for the last four years.

She enjoys educating pet parents about the ins and outs of canine nutrition, as well as keeping up with the latest scientific research in the field.

She has cared for many different animals over the year – including a one-eyed Shih Tzu and a disabled Betta Fish – and knows that nutrition is often the cornerstone of a pet’s health.

Her family bred Beagles during her childhood, sparking a love of animals at a young age. She has turned that passion into a career in dog writing.

Besides pet nutrition, she has also written about dog training, common canine health problems, and dog product buying guides.

She’s always on the lookout for lesser-known topics to educate pet parents about – such as the dangers of plastic dog food bowls or the startling research surrounding peas.

She is a strong believer in using scientific research to educate dog owners on how to properly care for their canines.

Kristin currently lives in Cookeville, TN with her husband, children, and very opinionated Husky named Atlas.

Atlas is a true husky through-and-through and has interrupted more business meetings than she can count – usually under the pretense that he absolutely needs his dog food refilled right now.

Atlas enjoys having conversations with himself at 2 A.M. and believes that anyone who visits the house must be visiting for him. (After all, who else would they be visiting for?) But, he is a good boy most of the time!

Kim Studdard

kim studdard
Kim & Louie

Kim Studdard has worked with dogs since she was two years old when her father offered K9 training for future police dogs.

Since then, she’s been a dog walker, care taker, and even tried her hand at grooming, which she realized she wasn’t cut out for.

Now, she spends her days with her senior Shih Tzu, Louie, who has epilepsy and food allergies.

When she’s not spoiling him with wet food and lots of (low-fat) treats, you’ll find her volunteering at her local animal shelter with her daughter and husband and training puppies to go to good homes.

While Louie is her only dog, she exclaims frequently that she would “take every dog home from the shelter” if she could.

Mark Webster

Mark & Steve

Mark has a background in web publishing.

He loves dogs and has a lovely young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Steve.

Mark’s wife is a dog trainer and so Steve is a good boy, most of the time. Steve likes to protect the house from the mailman, door to door salespeople and anyone coming within visual range of the window.

Mark makes his own dog treats and his brain is full of different Kong recipes. After managing several independent review websites, Mark co-founded Dog Food Heaven.

He helps make the evidence based, scientific advice from Dog Food Heaven’s writers accessible to everyone.

What to do now?

If you are here it means you too are looking to improve your dog’s nutrition either for health or just to make your best friend happier.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that so from here you can either:

We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!

The Dog Food Heaven Team