Kristin Hitchcock

Kristin Hitchcock

Content Creator
Dog Nutrition
Dog Health


  • Experienced freelance writer specializing in canine nutrition and dog care.
  • Passionate about educating pet parents and keeping abreast of the latest scientific research in pet nutrition.
  • Has written extensively on a wide range of topics, from dog training and health problems to product buying guides.


Kristin has been a freelance writer in the dog care niche for the past four years. Her passion for animals, ignited by her family's Beagle breeding practice during her childhood, has evolved into a rewarding career in dog writing. She has cared for many animals, including a one-eyed Shih Tzu and a disabled Betta Fish, affirming her belief that nutrition is a cornerstone of a pet's health. Always on the lookout for lesser-known topics to educate pet parents, Kristin has written about the dangers of plastic dog food bowls, the startling research surrounding peas, and more. She firmly believes in using scientific research to guide pet owners in caring for their canines. In her personal life, Kristin resides in Cookeville, TN with her family and a very opinionated Husky named Atlas. Atlas, a true Husky in every sense, adds a touch of humor to Kristin's life, often interrupting business meetings under the pretense of needing his food bowl refilled.

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