how much to feed dog

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Most adults dog get their food twice a day, while puppies often require more frequent feeding times. There are many things you should consider while deciding feeding schedule for your dog. Correct food portioning might be the most important skill that a dog owner should have. As a vet, I see many loving dog parents … Read more

dog weight loss

How to Help a Dog Lose Weight? 12 Dog Weight Loss Tips

Here are my top 12 weight loss tips to help your dog lose weight. As a vet, I know first hand that obesity in dogs is becoming a real problem. The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 55.8% of American dogs are either overweight or obese. A study in the UK found out that … Read more

aafco dog food

AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles – What Are They All About?

Whether you can barely fix a balanced nutritious meal for yourself, or you’re a health-aware kitchen guru, formulating a nutritionally complete dog food is a daunting task. Formulating a balanced dog diet usually takes years of study, a fair amount of research, and being good with a calculator. Luckily, the good guys at the Association … Read more

can dry dog food go bad

Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad?

Yes. Dry dog food can go bad. Eventually. The question is how long does it take to go bad? Don’t worry, it’s not a silly question. As a vet, I get asked this all the time. Of course, wet dog food goes bad much quicker than dry dog food. But dry food will eventually go … Read more

taurine in dog food

How Much Taurine Should Be In Dog Food?

Science cannot yet quantify the exact amount of taurine that should be in a dog food. Avoid certain boutqiue diets or gain-free diets to help prevent taurine deficiency. Taurine levels and taurine defficiency is a complex issue. Beware of false information and advice on the web written by non-experts. My name is Corey and I’m … Read more

wet or dry dog food

Wet or Dry Dog Food? What’s the Better Choice?

Neither wet nor dry food is definitely better. Each type of food has benefits and drawbacks. As a Vet, I get this question a lot from new dog owners. The subject of dog food, in particular, can sometimes be a minefield, starting from the basics: should I give my dog canned food or kibble? If … Read more

how much chocolate can kill dog

How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Dog?

A small amount of chocolate is unlikely to pose a life threatening risk to larger adult dogs. That being said, chocolate contributes to 25% of all dog poisonings. The exact amount of chocolate it takes to kill a dog depends on the type of chocolate and a dog’s weight. As a vet, I would never … Read more