Mark Webster, MA

Dog recipes
Dog treats
evidence-based publishing
The University of Edinburgh


    • Has a background in web publishing and co-founded Dog Food Heaven.
    • Passionate dog lover with a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Steve.
  • Skilled in creating homemade dog treats and a variety of Kong recipes.


Mark's professional journey in web publishing, combined with his love for dogs, led him to co-found Dog Food Heaven. His mission is to make evidence-based, scientific advice about dog care and nutrition accessible to everyone. His experience managing several independent review websites has equipped him with valuable insights into the pet care industry. In his personal life, Mark shares his home with his wife, a professional dog trainer, and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Steve. Steve, being well-trained, is a good boy most of the time, although he enjoys the occasional bout of protective behavior towards mailmen and door-to-door salespeople. Mark's passion for dogs extends to the kitchen, where he enjoys making his own dog treats. His mind is a treasure trove of Kong recipes, reflecting his commitment to providing nutritious and enjoyable meals for his beloved pet.

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