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Fromm is well-known as a quality dog food. However, it can be expensive and difficult to find. It isn’t regularly available in most pet stores — typically, you have to locate a specialty store to find it. 

Luckily, there are many dog foods comparable to Fromm. I searched for foods with similarly high-quality ingredients that were budget friendly and more widely available. 

My favorite by far was Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food. You can find it at your average online store, and it has great value. Plus, it includes more nutrients and quality additives, like probiotics.

Many of the recipes below can be found at your average pet store, and at affordable prices. 

Fromm Dog Food Alternatives

  1. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food  (Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Alternative)
  2. Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous Dry Dog Food (Fromm Weight Management Gold Alternative)
  3. Taste of the Wild Wetlands Grain-Free Dry Dog Food (Fromm Classic Adult Alternative)
  4. Purina Beyond Beef Recipe Canned Dog Food (Fromm Pate Beef Recipe Alternative)
  5. American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Canned Dog Food (Fromm Lamb Frommbalaya Alternative)
  6. Merrick Grain-Free Beef + Sweet Potato Puppy Food (Fromm Puppy Gold Alternative)
  7. Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Dry Dog Food (Fromm Four-Star Trout & Whitefish Alternative)

Dog Foods Comparable to Fromm Reviewed

Fromm provides several different dog foods for different dogs. They create everything from puppy foods to high-protein active dog foods. 

But, with this said, some of their recipes are made with only premium ingredients and are extremely expensive. 

Others are designed for specific life stages, like puppies or seniors, and are less likely to break the bank. Fromm also provides a few different lines of wet dog food. 

I attempted to find an alternative for each of their most popular foods. You can read each review below. 

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Grain Free Turkey

Wellness crafts high-quality food that costs a fraction of what other brands do. This specific formula is a great replacement for Fromm’s Four-Star Game Bird recipe — in many ways, it’s even better. 

The first three ingredients of this recipe are meats: turkey, turkey meal, and deboned chicken. All of these are suitable protein sources for most dogs, even if they aren’t the duck listed in Fromm dog food. 

I loved that this food is fortified with a variety of different nutrients. Probiotics are included to protect your dog’s digestive system, as well as glucosamine and omega fatty acids for joint health. 

This food is also much less expensive than most other options on the market. It includes everything most dogs need to thrive and then some — all for a much lower price than you might find elsewhere.

Of course, this food is also free from controversial ingredients. It doesn’t contain any fillers, corn, soy, or wheat gluten. Artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives are also missing from the ingredient list.

Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Weight Control Grain-Free Chicken

Solid Gold crafted this “diet” dog food specifically for overweight canines. It is made with lower levels of crude fat and crude protein. However, it does include high amounts of fiber to keep your dog healthy. 

While it does include fewer calories than other foods, it still provides all the appropriate nutrition your canine needs. 

I highly recommend this as an alternative to Fromm Weight Management Gold recipe. It has better ingredients and is more widely available. You shouldn’t have to worry about this recipe suddenly disappearing like Fromm’s seem to do. 

This recipe includes high levels of probiotics — while the Fromm recipe does not.

The first few ingredients are cage-free chicken, including both whole chicken and chicken meal. A blend of “superfoods” is also included, such as pumpkin

Some of these ingredients have science backing their usefulness, while others do not. 

This dry dog food is completely free from grains and glutens. However, it does contain peas and a few other veggies, like sweet potatoes.

Taste of the Wild Wetlands Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Wetlands Grain Free

Taste of the Wild provides natural, great recipes that use plenty of meat and other animal protein sources. Their ingredient lists often look quite better than Fromm’s.

This particular recipe includes duck as the primary ingredient, though chicken meal and other protein sources are mixed in. It is extremely high in crude protein — higher than Fromm’s Classic Adult recipe

This dry dog food is completely grain-free, instead using veggies like peas and sweet potatoes. Real fruits are also included in the ingredient list. 

Omega fatty acids are included as well, and in decently high amounts. These fatty acids can improve your dog’s coat and skin health, as well as support their joint health. 

Probiotics are included too, providing extra support for your dog’s digestive system. Just like us, our dogs need a thriving microbiome to thrive. 

We didn’t find any controversial ingredients in this formula. The majority of the ingredient list is fresh veggies and fruits, like tomatoes and blueberries.

Purina Beyond Beef Recipe Canned Dog Food

Purina Beyond Beef Wet

Purina is an extremely inexpensive dog food brand, and most of its formulas are aimed at those on a budget. However, it’s Beyond line is one of their better-quality options — while remaining very cheap. 

This recipe primarily features beef, making it a suitable replacement for Fromm’s Pate Beef recipe. It is extremely cheap, and you’ll be paying a fraction of the price you would for similar dog food. 

I like that this dog food includes beef broth instead of water. This ingredient adds to the moisture content while still providing some extra nutrients. For instance, it increases the crude fat and crude protein content. 

Potatoes and green beans were both added to this formula. When used in moderate amounts, these are quality ingredients and they help keep the formula’s price lower. 

This dry dog food is free from controversial ingredients, including corn, wheat, soy, or poultry-by-product meal. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are included, either.

American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Canned Dog Food

American Journey Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Canned

American Journey is much more widely available than Fromm. This dog food is moderately priced, but the ingredients are stellar. 

Their Lamb & Sweet Potato recipe is comparable to Fromm’s Lamb Frommbalaya. It includes similar ingredients and is actually a bit higher in crude protein. However, you’ll pay less for it and you’ll be able to find it at your average pet food store. 

The first ingredient is lamb, followed by lamb broth and lamb liver. The only ingredients that aren’t lamb or added vitamins and minerals are sweet potatoes and sunflower oil (for added omega fatty acids). 

This grain-free wet food is suitable for dogs with allergies since it only includes lamb. If your dog isn’t allergic to lamb, this formula could work for them very well. 

American Journey manufactures this food in the United States using ingredients from all around the world.

Merrick Grain-Free Beef + Sweet Potato Puppy Food

Merrick Grain-Free Real Texas Beef Sweet Potato Puppy

Fromm produces a few puppy recipes as well, and we highly recommend Merrick as a suitable alternative. It provides a similar amount of nutrition to Fromm’s Puppy Gold dry dog food with a bit more animal protein. 

75% of the protein in this puppy food comes from animal sources. As the name suggests, beef is the primary one. However, turkey meal and whitefish are included as well. 

The use of fish increases the omega fatty acids content, supporting your puppy’s skin, coat, brain, and joints. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin are both added as well, potentially leading to more healthy joint development. 

This food is specifically made for medium-sized puppies. The kibble isn’t small enough for very tiny dogs, and it doesn’t include the proper nutrition for large-breed puppies. Instead, it’s for the average puppy. 

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Dry Dog Food

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Natural

Earthborn Holistic is a more expensive brand — including their Coastal Catch formula. However, this dog food is extremely similar to Fromm’s Four Star Trout & Whitefish recipe, as well as many of their other fish recipes. 

While you’re paying a high price, you’re also ending up with a better product. This Earthborn recipe contains higher quality ingredients, like dried egg. It also includes more omega fatty acids and similar added nutrients. 

Fromm’s recipe doesn’t include any of these. 

This formula starts with herring meal, which is an extremely high-quality protein source for dogs. It is high in both crude fat and crude protein. Dried eggs are also included — another quality animal-derived ingredient. 

There are no controversial ingredients in this dry dog food. It is completely grain-free and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 

Plus, L-Carnitine is added to improve your dog’s lean muscle mass, and antioxidants are included in high amounts thanks to the use of fresh veggies and fruits.

How to Switch Your Dog’s Food

No matter why you’re switching your dog’s food, you should do so slowly and carefully. Dogs can easily experience digestive problems from switching food too quickly. 

Start by switching out only 25% of the dog’s old food with the new recipe. If they tolerate that after a day or two, move up to 50%. Finally, you can up the new food to 75% and then 100%. It’s that easy!

If you notice digestive upset at any point, you should lower the amount of new food back to the previous amount. Leave it there for a few days and then try again. 


I hope my list of dog foods similar to Fromm helped you settle on the best diet for your canine. 

I prefer Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food as the best dog food to switch to from Fromm. This recipe is affordable, more widely available, and includes better ingredients. 

It’s even fortified with tons of extra nutrients, like omega fatty acids and probiotics. 

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