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As a dog owner, I want to feed my pup the best food possible. With brands like Acana, I know I can do just that — feed him high-quality and high protein kibble, made with fresh ingredients. 

However, Acana is on the higher end of dog food, and it’s not always easy to find for a discount or on sale. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t find a similar dog food that’s comparable to Acana! 

If you like the Acana brand for your dog but need an alternative, there are several similar high-quality dog foods that you can switch to. My favorite is Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wild Game Duck Dog Food — if your dog loves Acana, they’ll love this brand. 

I’ll also review four other products with the same high-quality ingredients and similar nutrition to help you find the best alternative. 

5 Best Acana Dog Food Alternatives

  1. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wild Game Duck Recipe Dog Food (Acana Grasslands Recipe Alternative)
  2. Merrick Healthy Grains Raw-Coated Kibble Puppy Recipe Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food (Acana Puppy & Junior Recipe Alternative)
  3. Taste of the Wild PREY Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe Dry Dog Food (Acana Singles Beef & Pumpkin Recipe Alternative)
  4. CANIDAE Under the Sun Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food (Acana Wholesome Grains Free-Run Poultry Formula Alternative)
  5. Nutro Hearty Stew Tender Chicken, Carrot & Pea Stew Grain-Free Canned Dog Food (Acana Premium Chunks Alternative)

Dog Food Comparable to Acana Reviewed

Acana offers fresh, high-quality, and high protein wet and dry foods for dogs from the puppy stage all the way to their senior years. 

Many of the products are grain-free, with limited ingredients, and even have fresh fruits and vegetables added right to the formula. 

Here are my favorite picks for the best alternatives to the Acana’s most popular options. 

All of the following foods also meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for dogs. Before switching your dog from Acana to another dog food, please consult your veterinarian. 

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wild Game Duck Dog Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wild Game Duck

Wellness CORE focuses on crafting grain-free, high protein dog food formulas at an affordable price, so it’s a great budget option. They also have some recipes that include other options outside of chicken and beef — perfect if your pooch has allergies. 

Their Grain-Free Wild Game Duck formula is full of real meats, including duck, lamb, and even rabbit, which is most comparable to the Acana Grasslands Recipe

Both formulas include omega fatty acids to aid in eye and brain health, as well as fruits and vegetables — like carrots and apples — for fiber to help in promoting healthy digestion.

They’re also free of meat by-products, fillers, grain, corn, soy, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors, just like Acana. 

Wellness CORE is especially helpful for dogs who need extra calories, as well as need to maintain their lean muscle mass. The high protein percentage of 34% crude protein helps promote this. 

And, with easily-digestible legumes like chickpeas, your dog will have sustained energy to play or work all day.

Merrick Healthy Grains Raw-Coated Kibble Puppy Recipe Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food

Merrick Healthy Grains Raw-Coated Kibble Puppy Recipe Freeze-Dried

Looking for a great puppy food option? Merrick’s Healthy Grains Raw-Coated Kibble Puppy Recipe has very similar ingredients to the Acana Puppy & Junior Recipe. Both formulas include freeze dried bits for flavor, and will entice your puppy to eat all of their food. 

Merrick’s formula includes deboned chicken, chicken fat, and oatmeal for all of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that your puppy will need to grow strong and healthy. 

Unlike Acana’s puppy food, this recipe is also free of peas, lentils, and potato, which is great for puppies that may be allergic. Instead, the food has barley and salmon oil to provide fiber and DHA for healthy brain development. 

Both formulas are comparable in crude protein, with Merrick offering 28% and Acana offering 31%. Both are in line with the protein that puppies need to build muscle mass and protect their joints, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Taste of the Wild PREY Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe

Taste of the Wild PREY Angus Beef Recipe Limited Ingredient

There are many dogs that suffer from allergies and digestion issues. Because of this, limited ingredient kibble like Acana Singles Beef & Pumpkin Recipe have become immensely popular. 

Taste of the Wild’s PREY Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Recipe is a similar option to Acana’s dog food. This formula includes real beef and lentils for a high-protein and lower calorie option. And, Taste of the Wild offers dog food that is great value for the money

To aid in digestion and provide nutrients like iron and vitamin A, Taste of the Wild also includes tomato pomace and sunflower oil. Besides beef, lentils, and salmon oil, these are the only other food ingredients — to keep the recipe simple and allergen-free. 

If your dog has an itchy coat or skin due to their allergies, this Taste of the Wild beef recipe also provides healthy omega fatty acids and micronutrients, like biotin. This will help alleviate your dog’s itchiness, and help make their coat lush and shiny.

CANIDAE Under the Sun Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

CANIDAE Under the Sun Grain-Free Chicken

With a single protein source and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables, CANIDAE Under the Sun Grain-Free Chicken Recipe is a more affordable solution to Acana’s Wholesome Grains Free-Run Poultry Recipe

CANIDAE’s formula is not only grain-free, but also potato-free for dogs with sensitive tummies. It’s packed with fruits and vegetables, including carrots, peas, butternut squash, blueberries, and pumpkin

These offer pre and probiotics for digestion, antioxidants for immunity support, and vitamin E for anti-inflammatory benefits

Because of the chicken, chicken fat, and flaxseed, this recipe is also high in protein and full of healthy omega fatty acids — which promote healthy muscle mass and joint health. And, just like Acana, CANIDAE is a family owned company that makes its food right in the USA.

Nutro Hearty Stew Tender Chicken Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Nutro Hearty Stew Tender Chicken, Carrot Pea Stew Grain Free Canned

If your dog prefers wet food, I’ve got you covered. Nutro Hearty Stew Tender Chicken, Carrot & Pea Stew Grain-Free canned dog food is the most affordable and comparable option to Acana’s Premium Chunks canned food. 

Both of these high-protein meals are balanced with vitamins and minerals and crafted with real chicken as the very first ingredient. 

Nutro’s formula is made in the USA with ingredients sourced from a trusted network of farmers and suppliers. It is 100% free of grains, GMOs, chicken by-product meal, corn, soy, wheat, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

For flavor, both formulas include a gravy, made with chicken broth and chicken liver

They also include peas and egg for extra protein and vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. These support a healthy coat, strong bones and joints, and metabolism. Plus, vitamin B12 aids in digestion and helps support dogs with gastrointestinal disease.

How to Transition to New Dog Foods 

Once you find the best Acana alternative for your pooch on this list, you may be ready to switch them over immediately. But, before you do that, remember that your dog needs a consistent diet. 

For many canines, changing their diet too quickly can cause an upset tummy or even irregular digestion and stools. 

Instead, focus on gradually changing your dog’s diet over the course of about a week. First, mix a small amount of their new food in with what they’re currently eating. Then, every day, continue to add more of the new food to replace the old. 

In about 7 days, their new kibble will completely replace their old food. 

Also, remember to consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet — especially if they have health problems or allergies. 

Our Verdict

Acana is a high-quality brand with many grain-free formulas that are filled with vitamins and minerals, all from real and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, there are many similar brands that can offer the same options, including high-protein foods. 

If you’re ready to switch your dog’s food, I highly suggest the Wellness CORE Grain Free Recipe. This grain-free and high protein formula is the best dog food similar to Acana, because it offers the same great quality and taste. 

While your dog’s food will depend on their nutritional needs, there are many alternatives that can help your dog achieve the balance of healthy eating and great taste. 

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