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Tylee’s pet food brand was inspired by a teacup poodle Tylee, owned by Chewy’s founder and former CEO, Ryan Cohen.

The brand is devoted to fresh, wholesome dog nutrition.

This way, they cater to the well-being of all their furry clients — but also human ones. Tylee’s is known to be a budget-friendly option.

What do you and your dog exactly get with Tylee’s? Let’s dive into Tylee’s dog food review and find out.

Information About the Tylee’s Dog Food Brand

tylees dog food

Tylee’s human-grade dog food is owned and produced by Chewy Inc.

Chewy is the largest online pet retailer in the USA. The company is headquartered in Diana Beach, Florida. They distribute most pet food brands available and pride themselves on excellent customer service.

In 2017, Chewy was acquired by PetSmart for 3.35 billion dollars, making it the largest e-commerce deal in history.

In 2018 alone, Chewy generated 3.5 billion dollars in revenue.

Tylee’s dog food is a range of cooked-and-frozen dog food products. What’s interesting about Tylee’s is that it looks a lot like human food — since it uses organic, human-grade ingredients and whole foods.

The range is small and consists of dry food, mixers, meals, and beef jerky.

Tylee’s Dog Food Brand Lines

There are several dry dog food recipes, patties, and mixers offered within Tylee’s dog food range.

The recipes are formulated for all breeds and life stages.

All the products meet the AAFCO nutritional requirements, so your canine can get a complete and balanced formula for their daily needs.

Tylee’s Human-Grade Frozen Dog Food

tylee's human grade dog food

Think of Tylee’s frozen dog food as a homemade meal for your dog, only without all the cooking.

In fact, it’s precisely what it is — a bunch of healthy, human-grade ingredients, rich in proteins and vitamins.

There are four frozen dog food recipes within this brand line.

The formulas include organ meat, muscle meat, fresh fruits and veggies, and fish oil. These provide:

  • High-quality animal protein
  • Dietary fiber
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • The ever-so-important Omega-3 fatty acids

Additionally, Chewy decided to remove many controversial ingredients. The formulas are grain-free, soy-free, and corn-free. There are no by-products or artificial ingredients: flavors, colors, or preservatives.

You can use the food for standalone nutrition or mix it with kibble to make it palatable.

Tylee’s is a frozen dog food packed in a bag. If you refrigerate it, it can last up to a year. However, once defrosted, its expiration date is 10 days. Chewy does not recommend re-freezing the food once it’s been defrosted.

Tylee’s Freeze-Dried Meals and Mixers for Dogs

tylee's freeze dried dog food

Freeze-dried meals and mixers are patties and small chunks of human-grade dog food that you can use independently or add to your dog’s kibble.

These products are envisioned as raw dog food, with extra cooked ingredients that dogs enjoy.

There are three flavors of both mixers and meals.

Both types of products contain high-quality muscle and organ meats for a great supply of animal proteins. We’re talking cage-free chicken, farm-raised beef, wild-caught salmon, and no by-product meals.

These are rounded up by fresh fruits and veggies, rich in antioxidants and taste. More importantly — these foods are USDA-certified organic.

However, the main advantage is that Tylee’s patties and mixers are more affordable than similar products. For a fraction of the cost, you get a whole lot of goodness to spice up your canine’s food.

raw dog food ingredients

Tylee’s Dog Food Ingredients Quality

The majority of ingredients in Tylee’s pet food are minimally processed, which is obvious when you open the bag. Instead of identical kibble pieces, you’ll see foods you can recognize — like pieces of real meat, carrots, broccoli, and the like.

The protein content comes mainly from animal sources. Formulas are filled with named organ meats — like beef heart, beef liver, chicken liver — and whole meats.

Besides providing all ten essential amino acids, such a combo brings many benefits to canines. There are plenty of minerals, vitamins, and fiber your dog can easily digest and use.

Fats come from several sources, both plant and animal. Notable sources include chia seeds, ground flaxseed, salmon oil and cod liver oil powder.

These provide plenty of energy and complete Omega-3 fatty acids. In other words, they contribute to a dog’s heart health, shiny coat, and nourished skin.

Some formulas (especially Mixers) have a lot of fat — up to 30%. So you might want to be careful with these and not overfeed them since they might cause obesity in dogs.

These products are grain-free, so they don’t have any corn, wheat, rice, or similar carb sources. However, they also don’t have legumes.

Some formulas have sweet potato as the main carb source, which is good. But a portion of carbs will come from vegetables and fruits in the recipes, like carrots, kale, broccoli, butternut squash, pineapple, and the likes.

If your dog has high energy needs, it might be good to have a vet look at the ingredients first. Your vet will know your dog’s dietary needs best.

The Tylee’s human-grade dog food is enriched with a standard set of chelated minerals and vitamins. These are common and easily absorbed by dogs. They will further boost fruits and vegetables’ antioxidant properties and essential nutrients.

The recipes are free of artificial ingredients: colors, flavors, and preservatives. Dogs can sometimes be allergic, so excluding them is a great decision.

Still, that means that you should pay attention to expiration dates set by Chewy once you defrost the food. You don’t want it to turn bad and feed your dog because that can bring many other health problems.

One other thing to pay attention to is the lack of taurine in Tylee’s recipes. Tylee’s dog food is grain-free, and most manufacturers in pet food industry add taurine nowadays for heart health.

If your dog is predisposed to heart disease, it might be good to talk to your vet about this.

Overall, Tylee’s dog food ingredients are those of premium dog foods. They will surely bring plenty of nutritional goodness to your furry friend.

Tylee’s Dog Food Recalls

Tylee’s dog food has never been recalled.

The recalls are important for assessing dog food production’s overall safety and quality. Since there was no recall for Tylee’s, it’s a sign that the company takes a lot of care and produces high-quality dog food.

FDA database is freely available to anyone wanting to check the newest and ongoing recall alerts.

Online Tylee’s Dog Food Reviews

Pet parents generally love and recommend Tylee’s dog food.

They find the recipes a great alternative to dry and canned dog foods. In fact, dogs seem to quite like the taste.

A typical Tylee’s dog food review of Tylee’s Human-Grade dog food looks something like this:

“My boys were getting tired of the canned and dry dog foods I was buying because I thought they were nutritious. So on a whim, I bought Tylee’s Human-Grade. Best decision ever! My boys remind me every day at least 30 minutes before feeding time that they’re ready to eat.”

You can read more Tylee’s dog food reviews on Chewy.

Meals and mixers are also praise-worthy. Dog parents mention that their taste is great and that even the picky eaters can’t wait for the feeding time.

“My dog tends to be picky concerning her food, and she loves this freeze-dried kibble, to the point she’s jumping up and down when she sees me touch the bag. I use it as a treat, as well. It must be tasty, and it’s easy to use.”

You can read more Tylee’s dog food reviews on Chewy.

However, of course, some dogs simply don’t love the taste. Major complaints about Tylee’s dog foods concern the taste, texture, and packaging.

Since taste is sometimes an issue, it might be a good idea to invest in a smaller bag first if your dog is not used to fresh foods.

“My dogs didn’t think this was great. They pulled out the kale every day, which I thought was hilarious. They normally eat anything I give them. It made them constipated too. I went back to raw patties.”

You can read more Tylee’s dog food reviews on Chewy.

Our Verdict

We can conclude Tylee’s dog food review by recommending these products. The brand is affordable, with plenty of high-quality ingredients.

Furthermore, there have never been any recalls of this dog food, which further testifies of its quality.

Tylee’s dog food can be a great solution for dog parents who want to mix up the existing dry and canned dog foods. Its organic, whole foods ingredients guarantee good taste and complete nutrition.


Where is Tylee’s dog food made?

Tylee’s dog food products are made in the USA. The formulas are crafted at a Texas plant, which meets the USDA standards for dog food production.

Where are Tylee’s dog food ingredients from?

The majority of ingredients in Tylee’s dog food are sourced in the USA. Cod liver oil powder and some fruits and veggies come from Norway, Mexico, Egypt, Canada, Peru, Guatemala, Poland, Philippines, Bulgaria. Chelated minerals are sourced from Japan, Thailand, and India.

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