GO! Solutions Dog Food Review

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Petcurean pet food manufacturer is known for many things.

They pride themselves on high-quality products, community efforts, and sustainability practices.

Among their dog food brands, GO! Solutions is the most versatile — and most sought after.

This GO! Solutions review examines why this is the case and if you should consider it for your canine.

About GO! Solutions Brand

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GO! Solutions is the largest brand of Petcurean dog foods.

This premium pet food is formulated for the pet’s unique dietary needs. GO! formulas cover three big areas in pet nutrition: skin and coat health, food sensitivities, and high protein needs.

Drawing from decades of dog nutrition expertise, GO! Solutions pet food works inside-out to solve these issues. Each brand line’s ingredients are tailored to address health concerns as efficiently as possible. All the while providing complete and balanced nutrition.

GO! Solutions’ concern for dogs’ well-being doesn’t end with nutrition, though. The brand is known to give back to the community. In 2021 alone, Petcurean pet foods donated 1,087,482 GO! meals to pet shelters in North America.

GO! Solutions Brand Lines

Compared to other dog food brands, Petcurean GO! Solutions dog food is medium-sized. The entire range is divided into three brand lines:

Each brand line focuses on a specific dietary need and health concern.

All the brand lines include dry dog food and wet food options. They also cover different life stages.

GO! Solutions dog food does not include any by-product meals or artificial preservatives.

All the formulas in the brand meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO (American Feed Control Officials).

GO! Solutions Skin + Coat Care

petcurean go solutions food

GO! Solutions Skin + Coat Care dog food is designed to help with dandruff, skin allergies, and dry, dull coats. We want our canines’ furs to turn heads (in a good way), and this brand line works on that.

The formulas provide complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages. The line features 5 dry dog foods and 3 wet food recipes:

All the dog food formulas are grain-inclusive and potato-free.

So how do these recipes glam up dogs’ skin and fur? The secret is in the omega fatty acids. All the formulas are pretty rich in these essential fatty acids, thanks to fish and flaxseed. Omega-3s, in particular, are known to soothe skin, nourish coat, and add that blinding shine to the fur.

Yet, fatty acids won’t matter much if your dog can’t absorb them. The probiotics and prebiotics in Skin + Coat Care recipes make sure that a dog’s digestion is on point — so they can benefit from all the other ingredients.

The formulas are completed with whole meats for proteins, healthy whole grains for energy, and fresh fruits and veggies. There are no artificial flavors, artificial colors, or rendered ingredients. 

GO! Solutions Carnivore

GO! Solutions Carnivore

GO! Solutions Carnivore dog food supports strong, lean muscles and provides complete nutrition to active dogs.

The brand line contains 5 dry and 2 wet dog food recipes:

Each Carnivore recipe is grain-free and gluten-free.

Active dogs need loads of high-quality protein so their muscles remain strong. Are Carnivore formulas up to the task?

Well, yes, they are. Each formula has multiple animal protein sources — typically four different meats. Formulas use several named meat meals and whole meats — within each recipe.

That’s plenty of protein! Or, if we want to get technical — 73–87% of the entire protein content comes from these premium animal sources. Not bad at all.

From here on out, formulas differ depending on the dog’s life stage. For example, the Puppy formula is small kibble — so tiny teeth can gobble up the food with no problem. This formula is also rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids. Puppies need them for proper brain development.

On the other hand, recipes for senior dogs focus more on hip and joint health. Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate support the cartilage and slow down the wear and tear of joints. These formulas also contain taurine for vision and heart health.

It’s important to mention that most senior dogs don’t need that much protein (Senior formula crude protein is at 32%). Make sure to talk to the vet before choosing a high-protein option for your senior dog.

All the formulas contain pre and probiotics to support digestion. Additionally, they supply antioxidants to your canine for stronger immunity.

Last, but not least, the formulas are free of by-product meals, generally considered inferior protein sources.

GO! Solutions Sensitivities

GO! Solutions Sensitivities Food

GO! Solutions Sensitivities rand line is formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies, primarily to meat protein and grains.

The line has 6 dry and 2 wet dog food recipes:

All the formulas are Limited Ingredient and grain-free.

Food allergies are caused by many different ingredients, although chicken and beef are at the top of the list. Sensitivities line tackles this by having a single source of animal protein in every formula.

Choose the recipe (and meat) that best suits your canine, and rest assured there are no hidden or unspecified meat proteins that might cause allergic reactions.

The formulas also exclude more common allergens. They are chicken-free, potato-free, gluten-free, and grain-free. So if your dog is allergic to any of these, that shouldn’t be an issue.

But what about other ingredients? Sensitivities formulas provide complete nutrition to all life stages with as few ingredients as possible. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives — all the usual suspects for allergies.

However, that doesn’t mean GO! didn’t include some other good stuff, too.

The recipes do have Omega-3s for hydrated skin and shiny coat. There is also dried chicory root which supplies inulin for healthy digestion. And taurine for better heart health.

Finally, the line also features one small kibble formula — great for small breeds, so they don’t struggle with bigger bites.

Ingredient Quality

Overall, GO! Solutions dog food is a premium pet food brand with high-quality ingredients. Most of the ingredients are actually fit for human consumption. The crucial macros are carefully selected to best suit a specific formula’s purpose.

However, a few ingredients might raise some eyebrows (though ever so slightly).

Let’s look at the most important ingredients in this dog food and what they bring to your furry friend.

Proteins in GO! Solutions dog food primarily come from fresh meat and named meat meals.

GO! dog food recipes include an impressive variety of meats: deboned chicken, cage-free duck, grass-fed lamb, de-boned salmon, de-boned turkey, wild Alaskan pollock, de-boned trout, herring, wild boar, cod, venison.

These are all high-quality animal protein sources that will provide all the amino acids your dog needs. Since there are so many options, dog owners should have no problem finding the most suitable meat for their canines.

Grain-inclusive formulas are filled with healthy whole grains, like brown rice, whole oats, and quinoa. Whole grains are much better than wheat, corn, or grain by-products. They provide carbs and steady energy — but also protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and minerals.

GO! Solutions grain-free dry dog food mainly use peas and legumes — like chickpeas and lentils. These also support pet nutrition by bringing in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and loads of fiber.

A high-quality fiber is important for a dog’s digestive tract, weight management, heart health, and proper absorption of other nutrients. GO! dog food also includes probiotics and prebiotics — which are great additions to all the good fiber your dog will be getting.

For the most part, fat sources in GO! Solutions dog food are great.

Many recipes use chicken fat, a high-quality fat source that dogs can easily digest.

Chicken fat is complemented with fish, fish meals, coconut oil, and flaxseed. They are excellent sources of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, vital for heart health and skin nourishment.

However, some formulas also use canola oil. Canola oil is a debated ingredient — many pet owners stay away from it because it is often GMO.

We’ve reached out to Petcurean customer service and asked about canola oil. The Petcurean customer care representatives quickly replied:

They explained that the GMO-component is found only in canola protein. As for GO! Solutions and other Petcurean brands, Petcurean customer care says that canola is completely stripped of all proteins before being processed into oil. So no GMO-component enters the dog food.

dog food bowl of dry food

We love that GO! Solutions dog food is rich in fresh fruits and veggies, like many other Petcurean brands.

The recipes include apples, carrots, cranberries, pumpkin, and many other fruits and veggies dogs love. Besides great taste, these also bring in vitamin C and other essential vitamins, fiber, beta-carotene, manganese, and other good stuff.

Fresh vitamin sources are completed with added vitamins and chelated minerals. Vitamins and minerals are essential for many bodily functions, so these are pretty standard in wet and dry dog food nowadays.

We aren’t exactly fans of the natural flavor we found in several recipes. Natural flavor can mean many things (FDA), including essential oils, hydrolyzed proteins, and fruit juice.

Some other Petcurean brands use fruit juice in their recipes, like the Now Fresh brand. So there is a chance that natural flavor refers to the fruit juice in GO! dog food as well.

If that’s the case, your dog will be ingesting unnecessary sugar, which can lead to a myriad of health issues. High sugar intake is linked to weight gain, obesity, diabetes and can even contribute to pancreatitis. So it might be worthwhile checking that with the manufacturers.

Furthermore, some of the GO! Solutions wet foods have cassia gum, guar gum, and sodium tripolyphosphate. While these are not uncommon in dog food, they can cause allergic reactions.

Overall, the majority of GO! Solutions recipes have excellent ingredients.

GO! Solutions Dog Food Recall

Go! Solutions hasn’t had any recalls so far.

In 2003, Petcurean voluntarily withdrew the GO! Naturals pet food from the market. Initially, it was announced as a recall.

This was because 13 dogs and cats got sick, and they all ate the said pet food. Six pets died.

However, after months of detailed investigation, there was no conclusive evidence that pet food was the leading cause of pets’ symptoms (rash, vomiting, and liver disease). Petcurean hired an independent third party for unbiased inspection — their findings were identical.

Subsequently, FDA decided to re-classify the initial recall of GO! Naturals into market withdrawal (AVMA). Market withdrawals are not as severe as recalls — and do not trigger legal action on the FDA side.

GO! Naturals line was re-branded into the GO! Solutions dog food.

If you’d like to know more about the current dog food recalls, check out the FDA website. Their database is constantly updated to keep pet owners informed.

GO! Solutions Dog Food Reviews

The online dog food reviews of GO! Solutions are overwhelmingly positive.

For example, dog owners praise the coat-enhancing qualities and taste of the food.

“Our dogs’ coats have never looked better! Dogs love the smell and gobble it up!”

You can read more GO! Solutions dog food reviews on Chewy.

The pet parents also think that the price is affordable for the quality they’re getting.

“First food that I don’t have to mix with gravy or bacon grease. A ton of really great ingredients that’s affordable.”

You can read more GO! Solutions dog food reviews on Chewy.

The most common complaint is about the taste. Many pet owners acknowledge the quality of the recipes, but their dogs won’t eat the food.

“The dog food label sounded excellent, but the dogs do not like it. I do not know why, they are usually not that picky, but they did not like this.

You can read more GO! Solutions dog food reviews on Chewy.

Overall, the pet parents seem to love this dog food.

Our Verdict

GO! Solutions is an excellent dog food brand.

It’s clear that Petcurean has put a lot of thought into their dog food. The recipes are carefully crafted and use premium ingredients. They cater to the dietary needs of dogs in a thoughtful way.

You might want to give this brand a try — and we’d say GO for it. The brand offers many nutritious food options. The only thing to remember is that some dogs simply don’t like the taste. If your dog is a picky eater, maybe start small.

Other than that, great recipes and no recalls are clear signals of high-quality dog food. GO! Solutions pet food products are sure to contribute to your dog’s healthy life.

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