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Not many pet foods in the market are almost entirely organic.

Dog food recipes may use some organic ingredients and complement them with cheaper, industrial ones.

Vegan recipes are even rarer and somewhat of a pet food unicorn.

Like most pet owners, you probably want only the best for your canine, though.

That is why Petcurean created the Gather brand.

This Gather dog food review explores the organic side of the pet food fence and what we might find in Gather recipes.

About Gather Dog Food Brand

Gather is the smallest brand of Petcurean pet food. Petcurean dog food brands also include Now Fresh, GO! Solutions, and Summit.

Gather dog food products are designed to be natural, organic, and sustainable. To that end, Petcurean sources the ingredients from hand-picked farmers and fishers who meet strict requirements.

The ingredients in Gather are USDA and CFIA certified organic. The brand is non-GMO, wheat-free, soy-free, and corn-free. There are no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and rendered ingredients in the recipes.

The natural quality of Gather dog food extends beyond ingredients. Gather packaging is 30% plant-based plastic, a more sustainable alternative to standard oil-based plastic.

This way, Gather makes sure theirt food is good for the pets and the environment.

Gather Dog Food Review

Gather brand is pretty small — at the moment, it includes three dry dog food formulas.

Two formulas are grain-free, and one is vegan.

Still, this tiny brand packs a powerful combo of premium-quality, organic, natural ingredients.

Dog food formulas in the Gather range meet the AAFCO nutritional guidelines.

Gather Free Acres Organic Free-Run Chicken Dry Dog Food

Gather Free Acres Organic Chicken

Gather Free Acres is a grain-free recipe with a single-source animal protein

The formula provides complete nutrition for adult dogs. Since it’s small kibble, it’s suitable for all breeds.

The formula provides plenty of crude protein — 30%, to be exact — thanks to organic chicken and organic dehydrated chicken, which are the first two ingredients. Meaning your dog will get all the essential amino acids for strong muscles, healthy tendons, and shiny fur.

In line with Gather philosophy, the recipe includes non-GMO fruits and veggies. Organic peas, cranberries, and blueberries add nutritional value and taste. These are also potent antioxidants that build up the dogs’ immune system.

Finally, the recipe also takes care of brain health. The formula’s krill meal is rich in EHA and DPA fatty acids, vital for cognitive function and a strong heart.

So, you get organic, muscle, and cognitive goodness all in one. Without any growth hormones, preservatives, or artificial flavors. 

Gather Endless Valley Vegan Dry Dog Food

Gather Endless Valley Vegan

Gather Endless Valley is a vegan dog food formula for adult dogs. A vegan recipe is particularly suitable for dogs allergic to meat protein — since all the ingredients are plant-based.

The crude protein (22%) comes from high-quality ingredients: organic peas, organic barley, and organic oats. These are excellent plant protein sources, which will supply your dog with a complete amino acid profile.

Gather’s vegan kibble also contains flaxseed for healthy Omega-3 fatty acids — super important for a healthy heart and radiant fur.

Finally, the plant goodness is rounded by fruits and veggies like fresh blueberries, blackberries, and carrots. Dogs like these very much and will enjoy the taste.

All the ingredients are certified organic. The formula contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors. Still, vegan foods come with their own set of nutritional inadequacies, so make sure to talk to the vet before switching your dog’s diet.

Gather Wild Ocean Line-Caught Cod Dry Dog Food

Gather Wild Ocean Line-Caught Cod

Gather Wild Ocean is the second grain-free formula from the Gather brand. This recipe is also formulated for complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

The very first ingredient is the Alaskan cod. The cod is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified for sustainable farming and the main protein source in the recipe.

Besides the cod, this recipe also includes a krill meal. Together, these two provide plenty of meat protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. Rich EPA and DHA fatty acids boost heart health, nourish skin, and contribute to soft, shiny fur.

The formula is highly palatable and tastes great to dogs. There are no artificial flavors.

Currently, this formula seems to be discontinued or out of stock.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients in Gather dog food are mostly high-quality and premium. Still, there are a few nuances to consider.

To start, all the formulas are filled with certified organic ingredients. This means that the suppliers, sourcing procedures, and ingredients themselves comply with strict organic standards. The requirements ensure there are no antibiotics, growth hormones, or pesticides in the formulas.

The proteins come mainly from a single source — an organic chicken or sustainably grown peas. Both organic chicken and peas provide enough amino acids for healthy nutrition. However, if your dog isn’t allergic to chicken, whole meats are always a better option. Animal protein is more bioavailable to dogs.

A “single-source meat protein” might be a little misleading. The majority of protein will come from the main protein source. However, bear in mind that a portion of protein also comes from other ingredients, e.g. krill, organic oats, barley, quinoa.

Carbs in the formulas are great — think organic peas, lentils, barley, oats, quinoa. These high-quality legumes and grains bring in dietary fiber, steady energy, and various nutrients. Naturally, the vegan recipe uses these a lot since they are also the main protein source.

Fats come from chicken fat and krill, or organic sunflower oil and flaxseed. Both combos bring in a healthy dose of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that canines need for a healthy heart and brain. They also add a bit of glam to the fur.

That being said, animal fat is generally better digested by dogs — it provides all the benefits much faster to their bodies.

The grain-free formula also includes eggshell meal. Gather uses it to introduce calcium and glucosamine sulfate for strong bones and supple joints.

As for other vitamins and minerals, both formulas start with natural sources. By these, we mean fresh fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants bring in vitamin C, A, E, and additional fiber to your furry friend’s kibble.

But, there are also standard added vitamins and chelated minerals. Dogs’ bodies better absorb the chelated minerals in the formulas.

The grain-free recipe also contains inositol, which isn’t common in other foods. Inositol, formerly known as vitamin B8, is a sugar that helps the body metabolize insulin. It’s vital for healthy cell growth and efficient metabolism.

As for other ingredients, both formulas contain no corn, wheat, or soy. They are also free of artificial preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

The only preservative in formulas is mixed tocopherols, which is a natural complex of various vitamin E forms. They also act as antioxidants.

Overall, the ingredients in Gather dog food are high-quality, premium, and sure to bring important nutrients to your canine.

Gather Dog Food Recalls

To date, there have been no recalls of Gather dog food.

This is great because it points to reliable, healthy dog food.

If you wish to stay in the loop of recall alerts, the FDA regularly updates their database.

Gather Dog Food Online Reviews

Online dog food reviews of Gather are mostly positive.

Pet parents praise the ingredients and the taste. They say their dogs, even the picky eaters, enjoy the kibble.

Furthermore, some dog owners write that their dogs with sensitive stomachs love the food, too. They switched to Gather without any problems, and the dogs’ tummies were no longer a problem.

Vegetarian and vegan pet parents also praise the vegan formula — saying that their dogs, typically allergic to meat protein, thrive on these recipes.

“My vet took a look and says it is good food. Dogs like it.””

You can read more Gather dog food reviews on Chewy.

The main complaint pet parents are having concerns the smell. Many dog food reviews mention that the grain-free formula is odorous — probably because of the krill:

“One of the smelliest dog foods I’ve ever bought but my dog loves it.”

“One of the smelliest dog foods I’ve ever bought but my dog loves it.””

You can read more Gather dog food reviews on Chewy.

Our Verdict

Gather brand is a great dog food with many healthy, high-quality ingredients.

Gather recipes provide dog owners with an organic, fresh, natural way to feed their dogs — even if they’re vegan or vegetarian.

The products’ prices are steep, but the ingredients are pretty good.

If you’d like a similar quality but a slightly different price, check out 4Health or Purina Beyond reviews.

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