Petcurean Dog Food Review

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Finding high-quality dog food is daunting. There are so many things to consider.

But an amazing dog food that is also great for the environment? Next to impossible.

In comes Petcurean, a pet food company synonymous with high quality and innovative approach to dog foods. And with a unique take on dog food packaging.

What’s their story, and how does Petcurean dog food compare?

Let’s find out more in this Petcurean dog food review.

About Petcurean Company

petcurean logo

Two good friends, Ron Mayert and Dan Vanleeuwen, started Petcurean in 1999. From the beginning, the company used concentrated meats and human-grade ingredients to create a pet food that was fresh, safe, and premium quality.

Behind the somewhat peculiar name is a witty wordplay. The adjective Epicurean denotes sensual pleasure, especially in food and drinks. “Petcurean” encompasses the epicurean values — and approach — relative to pet food. 

Since its inception, Petcurean has grown into one of the most trusted pet food brands. Their motto of ”putting pets first” translates into innovative, high-quality, delicious pet foods. 

The company is located in lush Fraser Valley, Canada. Dry pet foods are produced in Ontario, Canada. Canned products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada, and New Jersey, USA. Production sites include Wisconsin and Georgia in the USA and British Columbia in Canada. 

Petcurean Approach

How does Petcurean put ‘quality first, pets first’ exactly?

They do several things to ensure the pet food lives up to the slogan.

First off, the company believes in an individual approach to animal nutrition. Their dog food brands, for example, cater to many different lifestyles, life stages, breed sizes, and dietary needs.

Secondly, Petcurean nutritionists are highly-qualified and certified in pet nutrition. So the formulas follow the latest research — and then some. They only use premium ingredients — and we mean premium.

If that weren’t enough, Petcureans also have strict rules regarding the ingredients’ quality and safety control. Their practices are certified by the EU, FDA, and CFIA.

Finally, Petcurean is also known for their philanthropic work. They give out time, money, or knowledge freely. In 2019, for example, they published a 20th-anniversary video and gave 1 bowl of pet food to shelters in North America — for every single view.

But they don’t stop there — it seems like they are constantly pushing themselves to improve.

In recent years, Petcurean has expanded their efforts to sustainability.

Petcurean and Sustainability

Petcurean is big on sustainability. 

Sustainable production means that ingredients, the company production, and production partners must adhere to strict requirements. These include:

  • Animal welfare
  • Farmers’ livelihood and wellbeing 
  • Protection of water resources and biodiversity

To that end, Petcurean employs many ways to conserve electrical and mechanical energy. They also cooperate with institutions like the Marine Stewardship Council regarding sustainable fish sourcing.

The company preaches (and practices) conservation of energy, reduced consumption of natural resources, and recycling. Another Petcurean’s partner in these efforts is Forest Stewardship Council. For example, they will use only printing paper that is FSC-approved since it lessens the impact on the world’s forests.

Finally, sustainability must include the workforce. Petcurean is committed to rewarding their team handsomely for innovation and good teamwork. They also promote gender equality. In fact, 67% of Senior Management in Petcurean are women.

In 2021, Petcurean issued their first Sustainability report listing these and many other initiatives to treat our planet more responsibly.

Sustainable Packaging

Since they are a consumer brand, one of Petcurean’s key sustainability points is pet food packaging.

Petcurean strives to:

  • Reduce the amount of raw materials
  • Reuse existing packaging
  • Recycle or compost

For example, GATHER dry dog food packaging is made of plastic that is 30% plant-based, which reduces the use of petroleum-based plastic. That’s a great thing since common plastic takes long to degrade and is one of the major pollutants at the moment.

NOW Fresh wet dog food is sold in Tetra Pak cartons because they are easy to recycle. Plus, they are made from renewable materials and are FSC-certified.

All of the Petcurean cans are 100% BPA non-intent. This means that no BPA is intentionally added to the cans. Rather than saying BPA-free, pet food companies recognize that BPA is quite present in the natural environment, so super small amounts could (potentially) end up in materials.

Petcurean intends to make all of its packaging 100% recyclable and more sustainable in the upcoming years. They also educate pet parents about upcycling pet food bags for garden and outdoor use.

Petcurean Dog Food Review

Petcurean currently owns and produces four dog food brands.

The common thread for all brands is healthy, high-quality, natural ingredients and nutrient-rich food. 


petcurean gather dog food

Gather is a small yet powerful brand.

The main idea was to offer something as natural as possible. So this brand uses certified and organic ingredients. The ingredients are certified by USDA Organic, Vegan, and MSC.

All the formulas provide complete and balanced nutrition for senior and adult dogs. They use fresh meats with no rendered ingredients.

The brand is strictly non-GMO

Their products include one grain-free formula and one vegan recipe for dogs.

Now Fresh

petcurean now fresh food

Now Fresh is a big brand with fresh ingredients.

The dry food and wet formulas are made with 100% fresh meat and oils for the best taste and complete nutrition.

Now Fresh brand produces recipes for different life stages and breed sizes of dogs, with many options to choose from.

All the formulas are grain-free and gluten-free, suitable for dogs with gluten and grain allergies.

Go! Solutions

petcurean go solutions food

Go! Solutions is the biggest Petcurean dog food brand, with various formulas for different needs of dogs.

These formulas are the result of 20 years of pet expertise. The dog food recipes are tailored for high performance, shiny coat, weight management, great digestive health, healthy hips and joints, and prevention of food allergies.

All the products are LID (Limited Ingredient Diet). The brand offers grain-free, gluten-free, and potato-free options.

The dog food contains no by-product meals or artificial preservatives.


petcurean summit

Summit is a small brand utilizing wholesome ingredients for complete nutrition and maximum taste.

Petcurean says that Summit formulas are created “with an epicurean’s knowledge of how to source the best and most appropriate ingredients.”

Each formula has a three-meat high-quality protein — from salmon, lamb, and chicken meals. The recipes are rounded up with vegetables and Omega oils for complete nutritional value and shiny coat.

The products do not include beef, wheat, soy, or corn.

At the moment, Summit dog food products are available only in Canada.

Ingredient Quality

Petcurean pays close attention to the quality of their ingredients.

Their fresh meats and meat meals (always named) are deemed fit for human consumption by the CFIA. Fresh fruits and veggies also come from the human chain — not other lines’ leftovers.

Many of the ingredients are organic, as certified by Canada Organic and USDA Organic. Organic foods are free from pesticides, added growth hormones, and fertilizers.

As for the poultry, only cage-free, hormone- and steroid-free ingredients are used. The fish is tested for heavy metals before processing.

Petcurean dog food contains only natural preservatives and no artificial or chemical preservatives. The products are completely free from ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT.

Lastly, dog food is extruded at temperatures lower than regular baking. This process results in higher digestibility and preserved nutritional balance of the ingredients.

Quality Control

The ingredients’ quality assurance is a top priority.

The manufacturing facilities of Petcurean hold EU, FDA, and CFIA certificates for sanitary practices and overall hygiene.

Before entering the plants, ingredients are tested on vomitoxin, aflatoxin, zearalenone, nutritional integrity, and moisture levels. To avoid cross-contamination between departments, strict safety protocols are in place for all the employees.

Petcurean also uses NIR (Near Infra-Red) technology to determine exact levels of animal protein, dietary fiber, and fat in their pet foods.

The company does not conduct animal testing. But, they perform palatability tests, check stool consistency, and examine urine pH. They also conduct feeding trials.

Finally, the company also subjects their dog food to third-party testing on salmonella and E. Colli. The testing is done by the British Retail Consortium, which also tests human foods.

Petcurean Dog Food Recalls

So far, Petcurean had only one sort-of-a-recall.

In 2003, Petcurean voluntarily recalled its Go! Natural pet food from the company’s Texas plant. They suspected their pet food made 13 dogs and cats sick. The animals showed symptoms like vomiting, rashes, and liver disease. Six of the animals died.

However, there was no conclusive evidence that the pet food caused the symptoms.

Petcurean submitted the products to third parties for independent testing, but no further evidence was found.

Ultimately, as AVMA reported, FDA reclassified the recall as a market withdrawal. Market withdrawal means a minor violation, which does not trigger the FDA’s legal action.

FDA constantly updates its database of recall alerts and market withdrawals.

Our Verdict

Petcurean is a high-quality brand with many great things to offer.

To start with, they have diverse options for specific dog needs, with thought-out ingredients.

But the quality and responsibility don’t end there.

Petcurean is well-aware of dog food safety procedures — they had no pet food recall in 20 years.

Furthermore, their commitment to ecology, sustainability, and gender equality makes us love them even more.

If you’re looking for high-quality dog food with a positive impact on the environment, Petcurean is definitely worth considering.

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