Aldi Heart To Tail Dog Food Review

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Heart To Tail is a new brand of dog food in the USA. It is produced and distributed by Aldi, a well-known chain of supermarkets famous for its competitive prices.

Aldi has created two lines of dog food:

  • Aldi Heart To Tail dog food range
  • Aldi Pure Being dog food range

Heart To Tail is a budget-friendly dog food range with mostly natural ingredients. The premise is that this dog food offers complete dog nutrition at an unbeatable price.

Heart To Tail is likely produced in the USA by a third-party manufacturer, most likely Sunshine Mills. However, this is not 100% certain.

Heart To Tail does not offer grain-free dog food, nor specialized food for dogs with specific needs or sensitivities.

Since it is new, there aren’t that many Heart To Tail dog food reviews or experiences. The food itself is quite affordable and gaining in popularity. The nutrition part is probably not that strong.

In short, this is a good bargain in terms of price, but probably not so good in terms of ingredients and overall value.

On the other hand, Aldi Pure Being is more premium dog food and slightly more expensive. Unlike Heart To Tail, it does contain all-natural ingredients and grain-free options.

Both options can only be purchased at Aldi supermarkets. They are not available in other stores and can’t be ordered via websites.

Heart to Tail Dog Food Review

aldi logo

Aldi’s Heart To Tail is a relatively small dog food range. It consists of dry and canned wet dog food and several dog treats and dental sticks. At the moment, there is only one option available for Heart To Tail Complete Nutrition dry dog food.

Canned wet dog food dominates the range, with more options than the dry counterpart. Dogs can enjoy Grilled Chicken, Filet Mignon, and Prime Rib flavors in 3.5 oz cans.

Aldi claims this range satisfies all the dog’s nutritional needs at an affordable price. At the same time, however, the range does not include grain-free options.

This immediately excludes all the dogs with gluten and wheat sensitivities. Dog food with grains can be harmful and even deadly to them.

The range also does not offer options for dogs with varying nutritional needs. For example, there are no options for different life stages or breed sizes.

We’ve done a dog food review for Aldi’s Complete Nutrition dry dog food and canned food.

Heart to Tail Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food

heart to tail dry dog food

Heart To Tail dry dog food is affordable and accessible. It’s likely to be popular for people who prefer a budget-friendly option.

Dog owners often say that their dogs love it — and this is likely true. However, it might also mean a lot of artificial flavors, which can be a very bad thing.

Looking at the ingredients, it’s worrying that corn is the first ingredient. While corn is acceptable for most dogs and usually found in low-budget dog food, it’s not advisable to have that much corn.

Generally, the first ingredients should be good, high-quality meat and then a good source of fat. Too many carbs can contribute to many health issues, like weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and arthritis.

The choice of meat is also problematic. We already mentioned that meat is not the first ingredient. There is likely not enough protein and fat in this food for good dog nutrition.

Not only that, but Aldi didn’t even specify which meat was used — the ingredients state only “meat and bone meal” or “poultry.” This is a problem because it’s hard to determine what exactly you are feeding your dog.

Heart To Tail Complete Nutrition is packed with lots of good vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin D3, vitamin E, folic acid, choline chloride, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, and zinc sulfate.

These are solid additions and in good amounts. Vitamin D3 is especially important since it is one of the most common deficiencies in humans and animals.

We know that Heart To Tail Complete Nutrition dry food contains a lot of corn and meat by-products. While dogs can eat meat by-products, whole meats are always favored and a better source of protein. Still, it’s hard to determine the nutritional value of this food, since the by-products are unspecified.

Heart to Tail Wet Dog Food

heart to tail wet dog food

Heart To Tail wet food consists of largely animal content. It would seem that the first five ingredients are better than the dry dog food, because they contain beef by-products, chicken liver, and even real beef in some cases. Meat by-products are the first ingredient, which is good — since they are a source of protein.

However, beef by-products and unnamed poultry by-products are still inferior to whole meats in terms of high-quality protein.

The recipes also feature a smaller portion of beef and deboned turkey, which somewhat raises the good protein content. Even with all of these ingredients, the Crude Protein content sits a bit low at 8%.

There are also extra vitamins and minerals in the recipe. The canned food is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin D3 supplements. It also contains traces of zinc, manganese, calcium, and chelated copper. Chelated options are generally better because chelation maximizes the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to additives, some of the recipes contain both unnamed and named artificial flavors. For example, the Heart To Tail Filet Mignon contains artificial filet mignon flavor.

The unspecified artificial flavor in this particular recipe is more worrying. It is higher up on the list, and we don’t know what sort of reaction it might trigger. 

We are especially wary about the xanthan gum and carrageenan in these recipes. Xanthan gum is a thickener which can cause digestive problems in dogs at bigger doses. Carrageenan is another thickener and much more dangerous. Ingesting carrageenan regularly can lead to inflammation, lesions, and even cancer in some dogs.

Overall, wet canned food does seem like a much better option than dry one. The type of meat is mostly stated, there aren’t many fillers, and it does have the main macronutrients the dog needs.

However, the protein content could be somewhat higher, and additives like unnamed artificial flavor and carrageenan should be re-considered.

What We Like About Heart To Tail Dog Food

Heart To Tail dog food does have some very strong benefits that make it worth considering. Let’s look at the strongest points in favor of this brand.

The Most Affordable Dog Food

The price of Heart To Tail varies slightly depending on where it’s sold in the USA. An 18.5 lbs bag of Complete Nutrition dry dog food can be found for under 10 USD.

This is a highly competitive price and quite budget-friendly, true to Aldi’s promise.

Is this price synonymous with low quality? Not necessarily. Aldi’s dog food range is quite new to the USA, which means that you won’t be paying for the name. Furthermore, the ingredients are solid for this kind of price.

Besides being affordable, this dog food can also last long. It’s a good thing because you can store bigger bags.

Solid Source of Nutrition

Aldi’s dog food range offers an all-around good source of macronutrients for healthy dogs. Wet canned dog food has a good ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and a decent amount of fiber.

Many formulas have added vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin D3 and potassium are crucial for a dog’s health.

Loved Flavor

Commenters and reviewers often mention that their dogs love the Heart To Tail flavor. It is good for any pet food if the pet is more likely to accept it easily. It might also make it a good addition to some other dog food.

Some of the Heart To Tail treats use natural beef for flavoring, which is great and commendable. It’s always good to be careful and check the ingredients for artificial flavors as well. Dogs can be allergic to some of these. If they are, it’s best to avoid them.

Added Vitamins and Minerals

Heart To Tail tries to make good on the promise to provide a complete nutritional profile for dogs. To that end, their pet food has many added vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D3, vitamin E, and potassium are especially important for dogs’ health.

However, before adding more vitamins and minerals, it’s always good to talk to your vet. Some of the vitamins cause toxicity if taken in excess.

What We Are Careful About Regarding Heart To Tail Dog Food

Heart To Tail has a few advantages over other dog foods. There are also a few things you should know before giving this food to your furry friend.


Grains in dog food aren’t unhealthy. They are often used as an energy source and can provide dogs with other nutrients. The nutritional value will depend on the type and quantity of grain used.

Still, when grains are the first ingredient, you should pay attention to protein sources. In some cases, there won’t be enough proteins and fats — or the protein count will be inflated because of gluten. It is always better if whole meats act as the main protein sources.

Furthermore, you should not feed grains to any dog with gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity is a multi-system problem and could cause many health problems. Since Heart To Tail doesn’t offer grain-free options, this applies to their range in general.

Another problem with some Heart To Tail foods is that corn is the first ingredient. While it is better than wheat, this still means you shouldn’t feed it to dogs because of the high carb content. Too many carbs will inevitably lead to health issues in dogs, like weight gain and diabetes.

Not Many Healthy Whole Foods

Heart To Tail does not insist on all-natural ingredients. Many options include meat and bone meal and processed food leftovers.

This isn’t too bad since dogs can eat bone meal and leftovers. They have some proteins and nutrients, but these are subpar compared to whole meats.

Protein from By-Products

The protein source in many Heart To Tail options are actually meat by-products. This means that the meat used comes from processed food for human consumption.

Namely, the used parts are typically chicken gilets, spleen, liver, feet, and heads.

These are not prohibited, but there are better protein sources. So, while some of these products may be high in protein, the source of the protein is quite debatable. Ultimately, the by-products contribute to affordability in the first place. Still, the question is — are they good enough for your dog?

We think that the protein in dog foods should come from lean meats as much as possible. Either way, make sure to monitor foods with by-products for recalls.

Artificial Colors

Heart To Tail is still a new food in the US supermarkets. But a few reviews online stated that dogs had vomited repeatedly after eating this pet food.

Remember how many claim that their dogs can’t resist the flavor? This might also point to artificial colors and artificial flavors in the food.

One review stated that the dog has repeatedly vomited after ingesting Heart To Tail dog food. The client, thinking the dog had a sensitive stomach, gave the food to the neighbor, but their dogs vomited too.

Another review mentioned that a dog had vomited a yellow content on the floor upon ingesting the Heart To Tail pet food. The reviewer mentioned that it was almost impossible to wash the color from the floor. This might be due to an artificial dye Yellow 5, which is sometimes used in food products and harmful to dogs.

Heart To Tail Dog Food Reviews

Aldi dog food is still relatively new to the USA. Many people have already fed it to their canines, but finding a Heart To Tail dog food review can still be challenging.

The reviews posted online are mixed. In general, it seems that Aldi’s wet food is favored over dry dog food because of its better meat source.

Some people say that their dogs will only eat Aldi’s budget dog food and not the other discounted pet food brands. They are also praising Heart To Tail brand for making their dogs’ coats shinier. This is probably due to omega fatty acids (some options include salmon).

Finally, some pet owners claim that Aldi’s dog food provides a more stable energy source for their dogs. Some other budget brands supposedly make their dogs hyperactive.

We have also seen comments about the adverse effects of Heart To Tail dog food. Several comments say the food ingredients made their dogs sick, and they vomited. These comments refer to Heart To Tail wet food and Aldi’s doggie ice creams and dog treats. 

Different dogs will react differently to dog food brands. As with any new food, it might be best to test a small amount of food before deciding it’s good dog food. You might want to talk to a veterinarian about your dog’s sensitivities and individual needs.

Heart To Tail Dog Food Recalls

Aldi’s Heart To Tail dog food has not had any recalls so far. The other Aldi brand, Pure Being, has had a recall at the end of July 2021 (FDA).

Sunshine Mills issued a voluntary recall of Heart To Tail Pure Being. They suspected elevated levels of aflatoxin in Pure Being Natural Dog Food Deboned Chicken & Brown Rice recipe. Aflatoxin can be quite dangerous to dogs in large quantities.

Heart To Tail is new dog food, so it’s unlikely they would have recalled that early on. You can view all the dog food recalls at the FDA official website.


Aldi’s Heart To Tail dog food has an unbeatable price. Like with many budget-friendly foods, this too has its cost. In the case of Heart To Tail, the protein content is low in some options.

Also, we would prefer that the protein comes from high-quality meats. Not meat by-products and bone meals. Protein is one of the most important building blocks of a dog’s health. It should be given high priority in the food they eat.

On the bright side, Heart To Tail offers a low-cost alternative for dogs who need to be on a strict budget. You can try out some of their options and see how your dog reacts. We would advise you not to feed your dog exclusively with this brand. Although the label says “complete nutrition”, some of the animal protein sources just don’t inspire trust.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of Heart To Tail, there are other options on the market. Look for dog foods with all-natural ingredients, such as meats, vegetables, and fruits.

These tend to be more expensive than Heart To Tail but are still within the budget for most people.

Check out some of the high-quality and affordable alternatives below.

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato dry food is for adult dogs. It contains high-quality protein from real, deboned salmon.

The crude protein content is 32% making it a very rich source, so your dog can get all the protein they need. Salmon also provides dogs with necessary amino acids.

The recipe is grain-free and contains no wheat, corn, or soy. This is great news for dogs with gluten and wheat sensitivites.

American Journey formula is higher in price than Heart To Tail dog food options, but also more high-quality with grain-free options.

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Tender Cuts in Gravy Variety Pack Canned Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Tender Cuts Variety

Purina ONE True Instinct is wet dog food with a crude protein content of 11%, making it great for your dog.

The protein comes from real meats — turkey and venison or chicken and duck. These are the first ingredients in their cans.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D3, vitamins B, potassium, zinc, and manganese. These vitamins and minerals are important for immunity in dogs, neurological processes, and skin and coat health.

Purina ONE True Instinct is somewhat more expensive than Heart To Tail cans. Still, it offers much better animal protein sources.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables Canned Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner Canned

Blue Buffalo Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables & Brown Rice is a wet dog food with 8.5% crude protein and real chicken as the first ingredient.

Chicken is a good source of animal protein, although a little higher percentage would be good.

We also like that this wet food recipe uses chicken broth — it’s a much better option than water. Broths offer more nutrients and better taste.

On top of that, the recipe offers a great selection of vegetables and real fruits. It is also rich in added vitamins and minerals.

You should, however, be careful of carrageenan in this recipe — similar to Heart To Tail canned food, carrageenan is potentially harmful to dogs.

Blue Buffalo recipe is somewhat more expensive than Heart To Tail cans but will give your dog much better protein and wholesome fruits and veggies.

Our Verdict

Aldi’s Heart To Tail dog food range is new in the USA, and people see it as a very budget-friendly brand. The cost of this particular dog food is unbeatable and can be a good solution for dogs on a tighter budget.

This dog food also provides all the relevant macronutrients.

However, affordability does come at a price. In some cases, we would like to see more crude protein content and better sources. While meat by-products are used in dry and wet dog food recipes, they are far from ideal protein.

The food also contains wheat, soy, and artificial flavors. These are harmful to dogs with food allergies. Such ingredients simply do not inspire trust.

Maybe you’d like a slightly more expensive dog food with high crude protein. In that case, check out these reviews of American Journey and Purina


Is Heart To Tail dog food grain-free?

Grain-free diets are important for dogs with wheat and gluten sensitivities. Aldi’s Pure Being range does offer grain-free options.

Heart To Tail dog food doesn’t distinguish between grain-free and grain-inclusive options. Before feeding your dog, it’s best to check the ingredients.

Can you bring a dog into Aldi?

Many pet owners love taking their dogs to stores and supermarkets. Unfortunately, Aldi does not allow dogs or other animals into their supermarkets. There is an exception: working service dogs are allowed into the supermarkets.

Does Aldi produce premium dog food?

Yes, Aldi’s Pure Being is a dog food brand that is more premium. It also contains grain-free food options for dogs with gluten intolerance. You can find more information in this Aldi Pure Being dog food review.

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