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The Fromm dog food brand may not be as popular today as some of the larger companies in the pet food industry. But this family-owned business is one of the oldest manufacturers of commercial dog food.

Fromm Family Pet Foods is best known for artisan recipes that offer superior quality to more popular gourmet brands. This company uses only fresh ingredients to formulate dog food with an appealing flavor and balanced nutrition.

Product Lines from Fromm offer a variety of canned food and dry dog food. Plus, this brand also offers products designed to complement a rotational diet.

Their boutique recipes have a higher price tag than other popular brands. But Fromm is an innovator in the pet food industry with unique products that put the quality of cheaper alternatives to shame.

Not many dog owners know about Fromm, so I used my background as a vet tech to research this dog food brand in depth. Keep reading this Fromm dog food review to learn more about the company’s long history, ingredient quality, and controversies.

About Fromm Dog Food

fromm family foods logo

Fromm Family Pet Foods is a family-owned pet food manufacturer that specializes in artisan recipes. This brand is appealing to pet parents who want to transition their dogs away from traditional, bland kibble.

All Fromm formulas feature animal protein as the first ingredient. And all of their ingredients are labeled clearly. While some major pet companies use by products and meat meals in their recipes, Fromm formulas only contain whole foods.

All From dog foods meet the recommended daily nutrient profiles for dogs from AAFCO. These guidelines ensure that all commercial dog food products meet the dietary needs of most dogs.

Most formulas from this small company avoid common allergens that can cause adverse reactions in sensitive dogs. The ingredient lists used in their products are exceptionally short. Simple recipes help eliminate fillers and additives that may negatively impact sensitive dogs.

Different Fromm product lines include Four-Star, Gold, and Pate. These product lines vary in price and structure, but all of them use high-quality ingredients. And most pet owners discover that even the pickiest dogs find these foods appealing.

The company has issued voluntary recalls in the past. But this family-owned company offers excellent quality assurance to ensure the safety of pets who eat their products. [1]

Fromm Dog Food History

This company began over a century ago in 1904, when the Fromm brothers became silver fox farmers. The fox farm grew, requiring more fox food every year. Eventually, their successful venture transitioned into manufacturing canine food when they built their first production plant in 1925.

The first fox food products produced by the Fromm brothers consisted of pure horse meat and beef. But demand from dog owners for a similar product initiated another transition into producing commercial food for domestic dogs.

The family developed their first dog food with a biochemist in the 1940s. A granular product consisting of meat and grains was sold in bags as Fromm Complete Dog Meal. There were very few companies producing commercially available dog food at the time.

The Fromm brand became a trailblazer in the pet food industry. They introduced specialized formulas for working dogs in the 1970s. And in the 1980s, Fromm began developing new products based on leading scientific research.

Despite their long history, Fromm dog food did not have to recall a single dog food until 2016. When they did, it was a voluntary recall initiated by the company’s own investigation.

Where is Fromm Dog Food Made?

Fromm Family Pet Foods still operates out of its headquarters in Mequon, Wisconsin. And all Fromm products are made in family-owned facilities in Wisconsin and South Dakota. In-house manufacturing in small facilities helps limit the risks of unwanted contamination.

Although Fromm manufactures their food in the United States, they do not provide specific information about where they source their ingredients from. However, Fromm’s website states that they do not source any of their ingredients from China.

Dog food ingredients sourced from China have caused several recalls in different pet food lines. Although Fromm doesn’t share the specific source of their ingredients, the company maintains strict ingredient quality requirements.

Legal Issues and Controversies

The Fromm dog food brand has fewer legal issues and controversies than most pet food companies half their age. They did not recall any of their products until 2016. And the 2016 recall was voluntary.

Unfortunately, the FDA listed Fromm grain-free formulas among their June 2019 list of 16 pet food brands with links to heart disease. But, the link between these diets and heart disease is not certain. [2]

Fromm offers several grain-inclusive recipes that may be more suitable for dogs with cardiovascular concerns. Many scientists speculate that the heart risks of grain-free dog food originate from high volumes of potatoes and peas used as alternative carbohydrates.

Ingredients Quality

dog food infredients

Positive Fromm dog food reviews and dog owner opinions frequently highlight the remarkable quality of ingredients used in these recipes. The company always clearly names ingredients and never uses generic meat meals or by products.

By-products are generally considered lower level ingredients than whole meat. These protein sources undergo additional processing that can reduce concentrations of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

This pet food brand also avoids other common fillers that may cause food allergies.

Premium proteins used in Fromm recipes include duck, whitefish, salmon, and lamb. These novel proteins are common in their gourmet artisan lines. Other products use whole beef or chicken. The moderate protein content from these ingredients is ideal for most dogs.

A moderate crude fat content does not include any saturated or trans-fats. Healthy fat sources provide the essential fatty acids they need for overall health. Fish oil is used frequently as a source of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats help support brain and eye health.

Fromm products also have a moderate protein content suitable for maintaining a healthy weight on most dogs.  The company does not use lower quality refined grains like wheat or soy. Wholesome carbohydrate sources include oatmeal, barley, and brown rice.

Balanced formulas are enhanced with additional vitamins and minerals. Plus, all Fromm dog foods include added probiotics and glucosamine for extra nutritional support. 

Probiotics introduce good bacteria into the digestive system that helps absorb nutrients. Glucosamine is a chondroprotective ingredient that helps ease joint discomfort caused by arthritis.

Fromm Dog Food Brand Lines

Fromm Family Pet Food offers a variety of dog foods in several different brand lines. Always consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Fromm Four-Star

The Fromm Four-Star product line has a wide variety of entrees that the company prepares in small batches in their family facility. All recipes feature real meat, fish, local cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

This gourmet product range includes canned and dry dog food. Most companies make only wet gourmet food. Some dog owners prefer to use the wet food as a topper to make the dry food more appealing to picky pups. You can also mix flavors to increase variety.

Several of the recipes are grain-free and ideal for dogs with gluten sensitivities. The simple recipe contains limited natural additives to create a balanced diet based on wholesome ingredients.

Premium meat is the first ingredient. And superfoods like blueberries and broccoli offer nutrient-dense sources of vitamins and antioxidants. 

The high-protein, high-fat content of these dog foods is suitable for active dogs. But the higher caloric content may be problematic for dogs trying to lose weight.

Fromm Gold

Fromm Gold products feature several subcategories based on the type of meat used as the primary ingredient.

Fromm Heartland Gold foods are grain-free formulas based on red meat. Gold coast recipes use ocean fish. And the original Fromm Gold line features poultry.

Every recipe is produced at the Fromm family Wisconsin facility. These formulas emphasize holistic nutrition designed for every life stage and lifestyle. Pet parents can select from formulas designed for large breeds, seniors, and puppies.

These lines also include recipes suitable for most adult dogs. And some Fromm Gold Products are specially designed to promote healthy weight loss in overweight dogs. The kibble sizes of these dry dog foods varies depending on the recipe.

Fromm Classic

The Classic line of dog foods produced by Fromm is based on the original family recipes used when the company began. These formulas offer simple and complete nutrition that is proven by decades of experience.

These classic family recipes use a foundation of chicken, brown rice, and eggs. Wholesome ingredients offer ideal sources of protein and easily digestible energy.

This product line includes formulas designed for all life stages. Puppies, adults, and mature adults can all benefit from recipes designed for their unique needs at different stages of their life.

A moderate protein and fat content is suitable for most dogs with average lifestyles. More active pups may need higher protein recipes from the gourmet lines of Fromm dog food.

Fromm Pate

Fromm Pate canned dog food is the company’s premier line of wet dog food formulas. Pate wet food features high moisture recipes of finely mixed ingredients. The ingredient list of these dog food formulas is exceptionally simple.

Real meat and broth are the primary ingredients in all Pate Fromm products. High levels of quality animal protein complements healthy sources of carbohydrates and vegetables. The broth also makes the aroma of this dog food appealing to picky eaters.

Fortification with added vitamins and minerals ensures that these dog foods follow AAFCO canine nutrition guidelines. Pet parent dog food reviews share that dog owners can use these canned recipes as sole rations or as a topper.

Fromm Family Recipes

Fromm Family Recipes offer hearty meals of cooked meat mixed with whole vegetables and rice. Dog owners often choose this Fromm product line because they feel like they are feeding their dogs real food that they can see.

Frommbalaya recipes include stews made from different sources of animal protein. Pet parents can select from turkey, pork, lamb, chicken, and beef varieties.

White rice provides easily digestible carbohydrates for energy. But this refined grain does not have the concentrated minerals of brown rice and whole-grain alternatives. These formulas also include xanthan gum, a controversial thickening agent.

Added vitamin and mineral supplements allow this recipe to meet the basic nutritional requirements of most dogs. The moderate protein content and healthy fats from salmon oil are suitable for all life stages. 

Fromm Dog Food Recalls

Fromm pet food company has one of the longest histories in the dog food industry. But surprisingly, the company has experienced only one recall of their dog food products.

The company initiated the following voluntary recall after internal investigations revealed problems.

  • March 2016 – Fromm announced a voluntary recall of certain 12oz cans of Fromm Gold canned dog foods due to unacceptable levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that plays a critical role in the overall health of dogs. [3]

The affected production lot of this company’s only recall shipped to distributors between December 2015 and February 2016. Fromm’s recall history is impressive. Most pet food companies half their age have more product recalls.

You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. [4]

Our Verdict

This Fromm dog food review demonstrates that this lesser-known brand has a long history of producing high-quality gourmet dog foods.

Fromm dog food formulas offer a wide variety of artisanal meals designed to provide your pup with premium nutrition. All of their recipes use whole food ingredients to meet dietary requirements on a foundation of real meat.

Fromm’s products have higher price tags than some of the competition. But many dog owners find that their palatability and quality ingredients are worth the extra cost.

These dog foods are ideal for picky eaters that have sensitive stomachs. Fromm recipes exclude problematic ingredients responsible for food intolerance while boosting flavor with fresh meat and produce.

Talk to your veterinarian to determine if Fromm dog food is the best choice for your furry family member.

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