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The Diamond dog food company produces several well-known brands of pet food and manufactures formulas for other companies in its large factories.

This pet food brand is known for incorporating superfoods and unique whole food ingredients in their recipes.

Diamond Pet Foods use high-quality ingredients. But some of their formulas can’t compete with premium brands. Still, the company offers excellent value at an affordable price.

When I worked in an animal clinic as a vet tech, I discovered the important role proper nutrition plays in supporting the overall well-being of our special pets. So I researched the top dog food brands to help pet parents select the best diet for their four-legged family members.

Keep reading this Diamond dog food review to learn more about this prominent pet food brand and its controversial history.

About Diamond Pet Foods

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Diamond Pet Foods formulates dog food recipes based on the latest nutrition research to meet the specific needs of dogs of different ages and sizes.

The core product lines of this pet food brand include a range of all-natural formulas and a line-up of grain-free recipes for sensitive dogs. Every Diamond dog food formula features real meat and uses fresh produce to provide natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

The company claims that they make their products out of the highest quality ingredients available. Ingredient quality varies between formulas, but the overall quality of Diamond is superior to most budget-friendly dog foods.

Diamond formulas stand out from competitors by frequently incorporating superfoods like spinach and blueberries. These nutrient-dense ingredients are not typically found in traditional recipes.

The family of dog food brands owned by Diamond Pet Food includes the Diamond brand, Taste of the Wild, Professional, and Nutra Gold.

Diamond also owns several large factories that manufacture dog food for other companies. Kirkland, Solid Gold, and Wellness are just a few examples of well-known brands with formulas produced in Diamond Pet Food facilities.

Unfortunately, the company has suffered from several controversies that have involved the recall of certain products in recent years. Diamond manufacturing facilities are also responsible for past recalls of different brands.

Diamond Pet Foods History

Diamond Pet Foods began in 1970 when a team of brothers-in-law began manufacturing pet food to create premium formulas at an affordable price. They bought a feed company in Meta, Missouri that operated under the name Meta Feed and Grain.

The mill was initially a local enterprise that produced cattle feed for regional farmers. Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter shifted the focus of the company to producing dog food products. 

They named the company Diamond Pet Foods after a hunter shared that their recipes made his dog’s coat as shiny as a diamond. The company initially struggled, but eventually grew into the fifth-largest pet food company worldwide.

Today, Diamond pet foods is still a family-operated business. Their family history drives their mission to provide other families with the best quality dog food available.

Where is Diamond Dog Food Made?

Diamond Pet Foods produced all of its products in their Meta, Missouri plant until 1999 when they began to expand. The company opened multiple factories in California, South Carolina, and Arkansas to meet the production needs of their own company and other pet food brands.

This innovative brand also invested in renewable energy at their newest plant by adding solar panels. Although the company is family-owned, they oversee some of the largest pet food factories in the US.

While pet owners can now purchase Diamond dog foods in over 100 countries, all Diamond pet products are manufactured in the United States. The company does not specifically state where they source their ingredients.

It is possible that Diamond sources ingredients from other countries to keep their production costs low. But they claim they have unique long-term relationships with all of their suppliers.

Legal Issues and Controversies

Unfortunately, the large manufacturing capabilities of Diamond Pet Foods has involved several recalls and legal controversies.

A large recall event in April 2012 involved Diamond’s flagship product lines and several formulas produced for other brands at their factory. Diamond pet food samples tested positive for Salmonella in their Gaston, South Carolina plant. [1]

The salmonella contamination led to an outbreak that impacted multiple states, infecting dozens of pets and people. A consumer class action lawsuit accused the company of negligence after the outbreak, and Diamond settled for $2 million. [2]

Diamond’s South Carolina plant also contributed to another tragic controversy in December of 2005 when several pets died after eating moldy dog food. The affected food contained aflatoxin produced by the mold, leading to the deaths of over 100 dogs. [3]

Three years later, Diamond settled a $3.1 million lawsuit related to the unprecedented recall and strengthened quality assurance standards to prevent future contamination.

Ingredients Quality

raw dog food ingredients

Diamond Pet Foods claims the company only uses the highest quality ingredients to produce dog food formulas that provide balanced nutrition and adhere to AAFCO guidelines. Premium brands may use better quality ingredients, but Diamond offers decent quality for the cost.

Most Diamond formulas feature meat as the first ingredient. Common sources of animal protein in this brand’s product lines include chicken, salmon, lamb, turkey, bison, and venison. 

High-quality animal products are essential for providing the amino acids that dogs need to support healthy muscle development. Animal proteins are also much easier for omnivorous dogs to digest than plant proteins.

Unlike some lower quality pet food brands, all Diamond formulas use whole fruits and vegetables to boost nutritional content. Diamond products also feature superfoods and ancient grains to provide a nutrient-dense meal without excess calories.

The prebiotics and probiotics in every Diamond recipe support digestive health by enhancing nutrient absorption.

Different product lines do vary slightly in quality. The basic Diamond product line uses lower quality ingredients like refined grains and by-products meals.

Owners who want to prioritize the highest quality ingredients possible should look into the Diamond Naturals product line.

Diamond Brand Lines

The Diamond Pet Food company owns several brands of dog food. But its flagship Diamond brand dog food offers only 4 product lines.

Diamond Pet

Diamond Pet Food

Diamond’s basic line of Diamond Pet formulas features 5 unique recipes designed to suit the unique nutritional requirements of dogs with different lifestyles. These simple recipes have the lowest price point of the Diamond line up. But they also use lower quality ingredients.

Dog owners can select from recipes formulated for sporting dogs, performance dogs, puppies, and basic maintenance. This product line also features a premium adult formula. But pet parents should consider the Diamond Naturals line if they are interested in a premium recipe.

The performance and sporting recipes offer a higher protein and fat content to meet the increased energy needs of active dogs. The standard Diamond maintenance dog food has a moderate protein and fat content suitable for most average dogs.

Chicken by-product meal is the primary ingredient in these formulas. Meat meals can offer an affordable source of concentrated protein. But by-products go through additional processing that lowers the nutritional value of meat.

Refined carbohydrates from ground corn and wheat flour offer a lower fiber content than whole grains. Wheat and corn are also common allergens. So this product line is not suitable for dogs with food allergies.

Diamond Naturals

Diamond Naturals

I frequently recommend Diamond Naturals for dog owners who are struggling to find a natural formula that fits their budget.

This product line uses whole food ingredients to provide holistic nutrition. Unique ingredients found in these formulas include papaya, blueberries, and pumpkin.

Including superfoods in their dog food recipes boosts nutrient content without adding excess calories. These ingredients can also help support gut health and immune function.

The Diamond Naturals line also includes recipes that are formulated for dogs with unique nutritional needs. Special recipes include a formula for extreme athletes and a dog food designed to support skin health.

Pet parents can also select a formula from this product line based on their dog’s life stage and breed. Crude macronutrient content will vary between formulas. But the high ingredient quality is consistent.

Unlike the basic Diamond Pet line, all Diamond Naturals formulas use real meat as the primary ingredient. The original Diamond Naturals line is grain-inclusive, and whole grains balance high-quality proteins. Plus, every recipe includes a probiotic for additional digestive support.

Diamond Care

Diamond Pet Care Food

The Diamond Care line is the brand’s range of dog food that provides advanced nutritional support for special needs. Formulas included in this lineup feature recipes designed to support dogs with sensitive skin, stomachs, weight management problems, and renal issues.

Diamond Care RX Renal Formula is the only dog food that requires veterinary authorization. This recipe uses controlled levels of protein, sodium, and phosphorus to manage kidney disease in older dogs.

Other products in the line up include easily digestible recipes made with alternative carbohydrate sources to soothe sensitive stomachs and irritated skin. These sensitive formulas limit adverse reactions by using hydrolyzed protein or eggs instead of whole meat.

Most Diamond formulas feature a moderate caloric content that can help avoid obesity. But overweight dogs who need help shedding extra pounds can benefit from the specialized weight control formula designed to keep your chubby friend full with fiber.

Diamond Naturals Grain Free

Diamond Naturals Grain Free

Pet parents who prefer to feed a grain-free diet can select from Diamond’s product line of Grain Free dog food. These formulas offer all of the benefits of Diamond Naturals recipes without added grains.

Some dogs have food intolerances or allergies that make them sensitive to grains in dog food. Wheat and corn can be especially problematic for sensitive pups. These natural recipes use starchy vegetables like peas and potatoes as alternative sources of carbohydrates.

These grain-free recipes also feature added taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in protecting heart health. Some believe that certain grain-free foods can cause heart problems due to taurine deficiency. So including this ingredient helps ensure the safety of these foods.

The Diamond Naturals grain-free line has several positive dog food reviews that recommend these dry dog food products for adult dogs. But, this Diamond Naturals dog food line does not include any recipes designed for specific life stages. 

If you have a growing puppy or aging senior, you may want to consider a formula from a different product line.

Diamond Dog Food Recalls

Despite rigorous safety precautions, Diamond Pet Foods has experienced several serious recalls of dog food products in recent years. Here is an updated list of recalls by Diamond Pet Foods.

  • May 21, 2012 – Diamond recalled their Small Breed Adult Lamb & Rice formula as the final expansion of a widespread recall due to salmonella. This FDA recall involved several dog food products distributed throughout the USA. [4]
  • May 5, 2012 – The FDA salmonella recall expanded to include several batches of nine dry dog food formulas. None of the additional formulas tested positive for salmonella. The company decided to expand the recall out of an abundance of caution. [5]
  • April 6, 2012 – Diamond Pet Foods voluntarily recalled a single formula due to potential salmonella contamination. The company believed the contamination only impacted a certain production lot of Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice at the time. [6]
  • December 2005 – The FDA recalled dry dog food products in the Diamond Pet line for possible aflatoxin content due to mold. This tragic event resulted in the death of over 100 dogs. [7]

Following these large recalls that significantly impacted many pets and their owners, Diamond Pet Foods ramped up its quality assurance program to protect the health of its consumer’s pets and reduce the risk of future recalls.

The company performs rigorous testing to ensure nutritional content and prevent contamination. Diamond’s plants now use reverse-osmosis water purification to reduce microorganisms. And air quality control helps prevent mold growth. [8]

You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. [9]

Our Verdict

Dog food reviews of Diamond Pet Foods inc demonstrate that this family-owned company continues to produce high-quality dog food at an affordable price.

I recommended Diamond Naturals dog food as the best quality dry dog food produced by this well-known brand. Other Diamond product lines feature lower prices. But Diamond Naturals offers unbeatable value.

This company has an unfortunate history with product recalls. But new standards in quality assurance help promote its mission of producing safe, high-quality food for the pets who complete our families.

Talk to your veterinarian today to determine if Diamond brand foods could be the right choice for your pup.

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