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Dog food is usually produced by pet food giants and in big batches.

So it’s always refreshing to see smaller companies produce dog food that is above average.

Brothers Complete is a small dog food manufacturer promoted as a high-quality brand.

But is this dog food that good?

Brothers Complete dog food review examines that question and points out what you should pay attention to.

About Brothers Complete Brand

brothers complete logo

Brothers dog food is a family-owned and 100% independent brand.

The founders started with a pet store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The customers often asked them for help in choosing dog foods. But, it was hard to recommend a food that had all the right ingredients.

And that is how Brothers Complete was born. The owners teamed up with veterinarians, manufacturers, and retailers. The result? Ultra-premium Brothers Complete dog food.

Brothers dog food is manufactured by CJ Foods on behalf of the Brothers brand. CJ Foods is a well-respected third-party manufacturer of super-premium and ultra-premium pet food brands.

CJ Foods also produces Nature’s Variety, Nulo, Rotations, and Timberwolf.

Brothers Complete Dog Food Review

Brothers Complete is ultra-premium pet food. This means that the dog food meets and exceeds AAFCO nutrition standards. The ingredients are high-quality and the latest in pet nutrition research.

The Brothers dog food is made in the USA. The food is produced in small batches and stored in refrigerated warehouses. This way, the manufacturer ensures freshness and high quality.

This dog food is intended for complete nutrition and especially for food allergies.

All but a few ingredients come from the USA. Brothers brand says that some free-range meats come from Australia and New Zealand.

The dog food products do not contain grain, sugar, white potatoes, or sweet potato.

Brothers Complete dog food is also GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and yeast-free. The dog food has no artificial preservatives, coloring, or flavors.

The food is formulated for all life stages

At the moment, there are 5 dry dog food recipes, divided into two brand lines.

The company also offers sample packs, so pet parents can try them out before deciding on a bigger investment.

Advanced Dog Nutrition

Brothers Complete Chicken Meal Egg

The Advanced Dog Nutrition brand line provides complete nutrition to all life stages.

The line contains one dry dog food formula: Chicken Meal & Egg Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food.

The formula is grain-free and potato-free.

What makes it an advanced nutrition formula? Let’s break it down.

First off, the protein content is quite high — 36% of crude protein is more than most other dog foods. The protein comes mainly from animal sources, so your canine is about to get loads of amino acids to support lean muscle.

Secondly, the fat sits at 15% — which is great for all life stages and maintenance of healthy weight. Such fat percentage will keep your dog satiated and provide enough energy to puppies and lactating dogs.

Finally, fiber is at 4% — which supports digestion, heart health, and weight management

Thought that was all? Patented encapsulated probiotics and prebiotics further promote digestion and proper absorption. The formula doesn’t just have great nutrients — it ensures your furry friend can use them.

Any nutrition would be incomplete without the fatty acids. Brothers Advanced Nutrition formula delivers more than enough healthy Omega 3 fatty acids — via algae. Whole-cell algae are a rich source of Omega 3 DHA fatty acids, vital for brain development and heart health.

Advanced Allergy Care

Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Care Food

Brothers Advanced Allergy Care dog food is formulated for sensitive dogs — and particularly for food allergies and weight management.

The brand line includes four dry dog food recipes:

All the formulas in this brand line are grain-free. The recipes are suitable for all life stages and breed sizes.

Advanced Allergy Care dog food has one primary animal protein: turkey meal, lamb meal, venison meal, or goat meal. This way, you can choose the best meat for your dog and prevent specific meat allergies.

The dog food recipes are free of common allergens, like artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, BHA/BHT, and ethoxyquin. They also do not contain grains, potatoes, and GMOs.

Encapsulated probiotics and prebiotics further support dogs’ sensitive stomachs. They ease up the digestion process and promote better absorption of nutrients. 

Finally, energy mainly comes from low-glycemic carbs. Namely, the cassava/tapioca plant. Glycemic index is a human food measure, but the low-glycemic sources prevent blood sugar spikes, help with digestion, and promote healthy weight.

Still, Advanced Allergy Care recipes contain chicken fat, chicken liver, and eggs. If your dog is sensitive or allergic to these, you might want to talk to your vet first.

raw meat fish chicken ingredients

Ingredient Quality

Overall, the ingredients in Brothers Complete dog food are premium and high–quality.

Most of these dog food formulas are meant for dogs with food allergies. In light of that, there are a few ingredients to pay attention to.

Let’s look at the most prominent ingredients and what they mean for your canine.


Brothers Complete dog food is big on proteins. In fact, their website says that 90% of proteins in their recipes come from animal sources.

The main protein sources in Brothers Complete are named meat meals and whole eggs. Meat meals can be a great source of protein — if we know exactly what goes into them. Since they are specified in Brothers Complete dog food, these are great.

Some protein will also come from peas in these formulas. But, seeing that peas and pea derivatives are further down the ingredients list, this shouldn’t be (too) concerning.

You should, however, pay attention to the whole eggs. They contain a full amino acid profile, but some dogs are allergic to eggs. If that’s the case, make sure to talk to the vet before choosing this dog food.


There are several high-quality sources of fat in Brothers Complete formulas.

The main sources of fat are chicken fat and ground flaxseed. Many dog foods use these, considered highly digestible and healthy.

Chicken fat is preserved with mixed tocopherols, i.e. various vitamin E forms. So, luckily, no artificial preservatives.

Ground flaxseed is commonly used as a partial source of Omega 3 fatty acids. The second source of these healthy acids makes Brothers Complete dog food interesting.

Most dog food recipes use some kind of fish in combination with flaxseed to provide Omega 3s. Yet, Brothers Complete opted for dried algae.

Algae are a rich source of Omega-3s and safe for dogs. Additionally, they are mainly odorless and should fit in with any food. But, just in case your dog is sensitive to them, it might be good to hold off on these recipes.

Carbs & Fiber

Brothers Complete dog food does not contain any grains. Instead, the manufacturers opted for the cassava/tapioca plant.

Cassava is a low-glycemic carb. It isn’t considered particularly nutritious, but it does provide a lot of starch and small levels of minerals.

So why use it? Since it isn’t as nutritious, cassava/tapioca gives flexibility in adjusting the nutritional profile. Meaning, it’s unlikely that proteins or much fat will come from it. This way, it’s easier to craft dog food for canines with specific nutritional needs.

In other words, cassava/tapioca is particularly suitable for dogs with food allergies, which is what Brothers Complete dog food is all about.

In addition to cassava, the recipes also contain peas, pea flour, and pea starch. These provide some carbs and a lot more dietary fiber. However, they do not dominate the recipes, which is good.

The recipes also contain loads of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics. These help dogs digest food faster and absorb all the nutrients.

Encapsulated probiotics are pretty interesting since they are not often seen in pet foods. The premise is that only protected enzymes (encapsulated) can travel to the dog’s colon where they are released. This way, they can do what they are supposed to, for maximum digestive efficiency.

dog food bowl of dry food

Other Notable Ingredients

The Brothers Complete dry dog food recipes do not contain artificial colors, artificial flavor, or chemical preservatives.

They also do not have natural flavor, which is a great thing. Natural flavor can mean many things, and some of these might be allergens.

The recipes contain all the standard vitamins and chelated minerals. Chelated minerals are believed to be more bioavailable to dogs, so they can use them faster.

The Brothers dog food formulas also include L-carnitine and taurine. L-carnitine helps with weight management, while taurine is essential for good vision and heart health.

Overall, the ingredients in Brothers Complete dog food are premium and high-quality. There are several innovative and exciting choices, which raise the overall nutritional value.

However, just to be on the safe side, remember that all the recipes use poultry and eggs. If you’re planning on buying this dog food for allergies, it might be a crucial piece of info.

Brothers Complete Dog Food Recalls

Brother Complete dog food hasn’t had any recalls.

This is a testament to the quality of the food and production itself.

If you’d like to know more about the latest and ongoing pet food recalls, the FDA database is freely available to all pet owners.

Brothers Complete Dog Food Reviews

Online dog food reviews of Brothers Complete are generally positive.

The pet parents say that their dogs love the taste. In fact, most dogs seemed to prefer this dog food over all others.

Additionally, dogs’ allergies have improved dramatically.

“My Lakeland terrier LOVES this food like none before. She smelled it at the door when it got delivered! This is the only food she has ever eaten by itself. I am SO happy I purchased this food. It also seems to help with her allergies.”

You can read more Brothers Complete dog food reviews on Chewy.

Still, a minor portion of dog owners says that their dogs wouldn’t touch the food. Furthermore, several dog food reviews mention that it did not help with allergies.

“Thought I finally found the one, started off ok a couple of weeks then the allergies returned, the search continues.”

You can read more Brothers Complete dog food reviews on Chewy.

Our Verdict

Best dog foods are very careful about their ingredients and overall pet nutrition.

Brothers Complete dog food is an ultra-premium brand, with many high-quality ingredients and a strong nutritional profile.

Yet, this particular dog food range is small. Their line for sensitive dogs is wonderful — but it doesn’t help in some cases.

If you’d like more options for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs, Natural Balance and  Canidae offer some pretty good options as well.

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