Kim Studdard

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  • Has a rich history of working with dogs, beginning from the age of two with her father's K9 training for future police dogs.
  • Experienced in various roles such as dog walker, caretaker, and an attempted stint at grooming.
  • Devotes her time to volunteering at her local animal shelter, training puppies for adoption.


Kim Studdard's lifelong journey with dogs started when she was just two years old, assisting her father in K9 training for future police dogs. Over the years, she has served in various roles, including dog walking and caretaking, gaining a wealth of experience in dog handling. Now, she spends her days caring for her senior Shih Tzu, Louie, who has epilepsy and food allergies. Her experience managing Louie's health conditions has given her unique insights into the dietary needs and health care of dogs with special needs. When she's not pampering Louie with wet food and low-fat treats, Kim can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter alongside her daughter and husband. She dedicates her time to training puppies and preparing them for their future homes. Her love for dogs is so profound that she often expresses her wish to "take every dog home from the shelter."

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